Good news and bad news…

The bad news first because then you’ll have something to look forward to…

The Death Of Me isn’t coming along like I hoped. The story is frustrating the snot out of me… I’d mentioned earlier in the week that I was planning to post the first chapter by now, but it’s not going to happen… The story is still going to happen, but after creative constipation, I’m leaning back and trying the patient approach and hoping like hell I can write something worth reading.

I hope y’all understand.


The good news…

TWO new chapters.

Death’s Door

Chapter 3: How To Build A Better Mousetrap


Dead Tired: Resurrection

Chapter 6: Welcome Mat


Hope y’all enjoy.



9 thoughts on “Good news and bad news…

  1. Any time you put out a chapter it is very good news. I won’t lie and say I haven’t been looking forward to the sequel but if your muse is on holiday for part of the summer who would begrudge her some time off? Thanks for the two new chapters you have posted!

  2. take the time you need. thats what makes you a good writer…just remember if you need help theres many of us that can give you little tips or hep in any way we can to help you get over the bump or block you arrive to. as always i enjoy your stories and have learned patience is the key to being your fan. but its all sooooo worth the wait.

  3. Sad that the wait will be longer for the sequel of BTD though i am positive that you will make it worth the wait… and we are not left empty handed we still have the outtake of BTD Deaths Door to feast on while we wait as well as the revamped infinite series to enjoy…

    just want to say a quick thanks to all the work you and your beta’s do (free i might point out) to let us enjoy well written fan fiction… i don’t always get to leave a response since i hardly get to use my desk top to read on and i can’t leave sufficient comments on my other devices (in fact i cant even see the links for the languages 😦 but i enjoy all your work and get very excited when i find a new message in my inbox with an update..


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