5 thoughts on “In case you didn’t notice…

  1. NEW EPISODE ON DVR…..I have to read this first or else I won’t sit still long enough to enjoy the sexy sweatshirt Askars is parading around in….I take it back….I posted once before that this ‘Sookie’ gets on my nerves and the BTD version is my favorite….I take it back….Now that its ending and she’s been so ‘un-Sookie’ like in the last few chapters I have to admit it….I do like her…..but I refuse to picture Anna as Sookie….it just kills the story for me, knowing she’s hugged up, sexed up and all kinds of lemony with Askars….Thank you so much for posting twice today….It will give me something to think about while I work my 12 hour shift tomorrow… 🙂

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