First of all,


The story is not dead. The next chapter is well over 10,000 words and while it’s moving slowly, it is picking up momentum.



I’m not putting out chapters as often as I like… And I’m really sorry.

Is there a term that means cock block in a literary sense?

Perhaps ‘Monroed’ since Arthur Miller only produced The Misfits while he was in his Marilyn years…

Help me out, here… otherwise, Vaughan’s gonna get saddled with the nickname ‘Yoko’ because this pregnancy is RUINING my flow.

Sorry about the rant… I am 3 days shy of my due date and seriously stressing over the idea of being in the hospital over Christmas if things go too long…



The real reason for the post…

I do have a new chapter for you…


Chapter 4: Uncharacteristic

hope you like


8 thoughts on “Distracted…

  1. Yes, the correct term for writers block in this case is PREGNANT!! Speaking as a professional OB nurse, I know whereof I speak. LOL. I have enjoyed all of the series, and strongly hope that you can get back to Life and Death in the not too distant future. Seriously, babies come when they want no matter what you do. Good luck with your precious gift. I can honestly say that in all the literally thousands of births that I have seen, each one was unique, and each felt like a blessing to me for having witnessed it.

  2. “Writer’s Block” is the only phrase I know. At least it has the word “block” in it.
    Vaughan will, no doubt, come out well trained.
    First; he will wait until you’ve finished the AIW chapter, but will be before Christmas Eve.
    Second; he will be an acrobat, and slide out so quickly and easily, that you will need no meds.
    Third; he will sleep through the night from the day after you return home, so you are rested and able to write.

  3. Please do not apologize for not producing chapters while you are in the end stretch of producing a baby! We are happy when we get a chapter of anything. I started re-reading the Infinite series the over the weekend – as it is too cold to do much else – and I am again just blown away by the story. Take care, enjoy the holidays as much as you can and good luck with the impeding arrival.

  4. I’m just grateful you are willing and able to write any new chapters at this point. If it makes you feel better, the brain shrinks to 80% it’s normal size during pregnancy and doesn’t return completely to normal until 6 months postpartum. You have a good excuse for any writers block you’ve experienced.

    As much as I want more Alcide, I’m really loving Meanwhile. I enjoy everything you’ve written so far and when I tell SVM fans about fanfiction I always direct them here first.

  5. I agree with Betsy… Please do not ever apologize! I am so thankful for every sentence you write! And like Betsy – I just go back and reread your stories. I think I might start over with BTD today. 🙂

    If you are in the hospital over Christmas, then Christmas will just have to come to you this year!

  6. Hey Ange – I know you are getting close to your delivery if not already there, and wanted to send you my love and support. I hope doing that here is okay, since I really don’t know another way to contact you.

    Thinking of you and praying for you all. I hope you have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Give that Vaughn a snuggle for me once you can finally hold him in your arms. And then give all your other children a snuggle from me too.

    Warm regards and best wishes,

  7. Another fantastic chapter – I love how you take an already amazing story (BTD or S&S/L&D) and give us spin-off stories like this and AIW!
    You rock!

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