Not ‘finally’.
That’s right…
Vaughan has held out… Bittersweet… While I’d love to evict the rib punching midget, my postpartum regime of heavy narcotics (copious amounts of heavy narcotics) would have delayed this chapter’s posting, or made it pretty damned loopy.
So since Vaughan is doing his best to wait for spring, yours truly is still chilling in bed with nothing to do except break in my new lappy, Synergy.
I own that I’m dating myself by christening my laptop with a Jem reference as a namesake, but she’s badass.
Here it is…
The very last chapter of

Bored To Death…
Chapter 40: Redefined

Thank you for all of your comments and reviews…
I’m elated that you’ve enjoyed the story and hope it’s Finale isn’t a disappointment.
There will be a sequel, but that won’t start for a while since I have other stories to bring together in one way or another.
But you can expect to see ‘The Death Of Me’ eventually.

Much love, hugs and thanks to everyone.


6 thoughts on “Finally…

  1. Glammour and giltter, fashion and fame, JEM! What was the alter ego’s name? Jerrica, maybe? Glad I’m not the only one to remember Jem.

    Well, off to actually read the chapter!

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