Murphy’s Law

tumblr_m85j3sRBgy1qh8umto1_500For any of you who aren’t familiar with Murphy’s Law, it’s an old adage… “Anything that can go wrong, will.”

And just so you know, Murphy, the original guy, the Murphy in Murphy’s Law… yeah, his birthday is closer to Christmas than Jesus Christ’s. I think there’s a connection. Just saying.

So… I’m offering fair warning. My life isn’t just bogged down with the normal shit of staring down the barrel of a gift giving holiday with six kids to buy for… Of course not, why would it be so easy?

With Christmas and all the other craziness I have going on right now, I’m having a hard time focusing on anything for long.

I know your favorite stories are being neglected. I know you waiting for updates.

I’m not ignoring them or quitting on them… I just can’t get my head on straight.

So when you see new chapters to new stories, try not to hate me… I’m still writing, and I’ll eventually come back to whatever story you’re looking forward to. Promise.

The stories might be on hiatus, but I’m not. Writing is my therapy.


Since my last post, I’d published:

Bright Things

Chapter 3: Last Rites

Chapter 4: Newborn



Chapter 6: Painless


And a new strand in the Braid…

The only reason this isn’t a one-shot like Shitheel or Home fires is the timing of it. There will only be two chapters.



Thanks for hanging in there with me.