Holiday Plague

alex i'm a doctorSo I crapped out during a pretty good run because Santa, funny fucker that he is, left two plagues in my stocking.

Don’t worry.

I’m back and feeling much better.


Like A Rock

Chapter 4: Well Played

Chapter 5: To The Rescue

Chapter 6: Owned

Chapter 7: The Greatest Game Ever Played

If you haven’t already found these chaps, enjoy!


10 thoughts on “Holiday Plague

  1. Best New Year’s present ever!! Thanks! I hope the plague didn’t keep you from enjoying the holidays completely, And just remember to put some relax, maybe a lot of exlax, in Santa’s cookies to pay him back for this year’s gift .

  2. Ewwww there was snot and germs all over these chapter gross I know being sick in bed give you plenty of time to write cause what else are you going to do besides sleep when you sick but geesh gross now I think I need to spray lysol all over everything to keep me from getting your germs girrrr

  3. I got the same plague, though mine came Christmas Eve… still fighting with it, lucky family that I have is just getting it now.

  4. did the so call plague kill the stories cause it seems like its been forever ok so not forever but longer then usual lol please please please update again soon

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