Three weeks without an update…

alexander-gifI suck!

I’m sorry… I’m really, really sorry…

It’s plague season and I just keep catching every damn bug there is to be caught between three schools (high, middle & elementary aged kids). And RL… and blah blah blah… You have a life too and you aren’t here to read about me because Eric is delicious. Trust me, I understand 😉

I have been writing though… since the last time I posted an alert, I’ve uploaded six new chapters, so at least that’s something.

For those of you who don’t stalk or the BratPack for newness, your links are…


Like A Rock

Chapter 8: Welcome To Miami


Bright Things

Chapter 7: Complicated

Chapter 8: Walking Shadow


Nuclear Winter

Chapter 26: Achy Breaky Heart

Chapter 27: Diaper Duty

Chapter 28: Hitched


If you haven’t found them on your own, I hope you enjoy them now.



8 thoughts on “Three weeks without an update…

  1. Please Please don’t apologize for getting sick and dealing with RL!! You still managed to crank out six new chapters, I’m impressed. I only have one kid who manages to monopolize all my time so I can’t imagine what six is like.

    No matter how long we have to wait between updates, we will just be good little brats and wait 🙂

  2. Just ever so happy and thankful that you continue to give us our drug of choice…never apologize for Life, it just happens. Thanks for the update, made my Sunday

  3. I know you’ve been poorly, we never go that long without hearing from you. I know you know from my beta notes but I’m loving Bright Things. I’ve really been excited about NW so off I go!

  4. I’ve been waiting for days and days, “It’s about time Ericizmine updated! C’mon, I’m bored, I don’t want to do any work/can’t sleep/bored, etc.”

    And then you post today, where I’ve tons to do including finishing a paper because I procrastinated in other ways all weekend.

    Of course, I’ve read every chapter so far, save for the very last in Nuclear Winter and my paper isn’t finished, and I’ve not don my other schoolwork.

  5. stop whining about the fact her REAL LIFE counts for more. we all put things ahead of things we love like fanfiction. angela we love u keep up the awesome work and dont worry ill stalk the site looking for my updates the very good brat i im 😀

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