Post Apocalyptic Post…

alex herp derpWhile hiding in my fallout shelter from the impending doom to be caused by the end of the Maya cycle, I continued to write. Don’t judge. I wanted to be in the best mindset possible when the rapture took me. . ‘Cept there was no Armageddon, just dirty dreams. I’m 100% okay with that though. 😉

So, now that we aren’t dead, *orrrr arrrre weeeeee?* I’m sending out my semi-weekly post to let y’all know what I’ve been up to.

Brat news!

Just a reminder: There are a lot of folks in queue to join the BratPack. They’ve been there for a while, so I just wanted to mention that you might want to take a peak at your ‘other’ messages to be sure you haven’t missed a message from a Brat Moderator. Also, there are a couple of ladies whose settings won’t allow strangers to contact them. When in doubt, you can send a message to me so I can check on things for you. We’re a happy little troop of Eric/Skars-fans and believe ‘the more the merrier’, so if you haven’t heard from us, don’t think you’re being snubbed. ❤

Chapters, chapters, chapters…

Literally. Three updates since my last post. I’ve been on quite a roll, even if it is with new stories. I’m working on the older ones still though.

Bright Things

Chapter 6: Connected


Like A Rock

Chapter 2: Story Time

Chapter 3: His & Hers Cages


And don’t worry, I’m sure you’ll see more from me by Christmas.


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