I forgot again…

It’s completely unacceptable that I forgot to post the link to the last chapter…

It was a cliffie and now that the next chapter is already posted, I won’t get to enjoy any of the squirmy/nail-bitey comments.


Oh well… I hope y’all enjoy the just the same.


Chapter 13: Didja Ever

Chapter 14: Heartbreak Hotel



PS- the next chapter of Nuclear Winter is with the betas now, so expect to see that this week end too. 😀

6 thoughts on “I forgot again…

  1. Woohoo for new chappies! Of course, some of us are so addicted we check back several times a day looking for newness…. I’m not talking about myself or anything….

  2. Balti would be talking about me of course. I should wear a label that says “Hello, my name is Switbo and I am hopeless addict of the Multiverse”. Seriously, if you want a slave, so that you can write faster, I’m willing.

    • I’d like to join this support group. Hi my name is alyanne and I’m also addicted to the Multiverse. I check this site at least twice a day. Usually more.

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