Catching Up To Myself

I’ve been a very busy girl!

Starting on Tuesday, I picked up the roll I started on the weekend and my betas have since called me every name in the book because they’ve been working overtime!

So, If you haven’t been stalking the site, or living in the B R A T P A C K to share/compre your theories, you’ve got a lot of reading to do…


Wondering about Sully’s reaction to catching Eric & Sookie in flagrante delicto?


Chapter 12: I’ll Remember You


Looking forward to moving into the house on Magnolia Creek Road?


Chapter 23: Loopholes

Chapter 24: Man To Man


How about a rare chance to check in on our broken Sookie’s recovery?

Euro Pass

Chapter 23: Extreme High


Happy reading everyone!

Thanks for all the love and feedback!


6 thoughts on “Catching Up To Myself

  1. Love, love and more love. I for one check your website every couple of days & I have been a very happy camper lately. : ) Keep up the kitty fangtastico work!

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