I swear… I’ll try to do better…

I’m so far behind it’s crazy!

I think my blondeness has gotten out of hand.

I’ve uploaded four chapters since the last time I posted. I’m so sorry.

Does the eye candy help at all? —>>>

So, y’all have waited long enough.


Nuclear Winter

Chapter 23: Schadenfreude

Chapter 24: Celebrity


Euro Pass

Chapter 24: Oh Danny Boy


This one was actually added today though, so you didn’t have to wait for it.


Chapter 15: Finders Keepers


Hope y’all enjoy them!


11 thoughts on “I swear… I’ll try to do better…

  1. hi … absolutely love ur work but wanted to ask if there’s any chance that u’ll finish Alcide in wonderland and continue with Life & Death ..

  2. They eye candy ….wait I forget, I was gonna say something, but now I forgot. Hey, did you see that pic of ASkars above?

  3. Hmmm? I’m sorry, did you say something? Wait, let me just wipe off a little drool and I”ll answer you. What was I going to say? Oh, right. Thanks for the updates!

  4. What a post! Nothing to apologize for as far as I can see. I completely enjoy your emails but I love love love the chapters! Even the daily hunt for updates is amusing…thanks

  5. Well yeah, the gif is a gift unto itself. LOL. I have been lurking so I had read the others save for the Rubbernecking. Love it. I was just wondering if you plan on going back to In The Dark, or is it complete?

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