A new chapter and a couple of ‘old’ ones…

This is embarrassing… Not only have I been suffering from a MISERABLE dry spell, something happened to the post for the most recent chapters of Alpha. I made the post, but i have no idea what happened to it. Unless the universe is fucking with me because one of my gripes about FanFic is their unreliable servers/alerts, I can’t begin to imagine how y’all didn’t get an email.

So for those of you who didn’t know, there are two chapters of Alpha that were posted just before a migraine knocked me on my ass for more than a week.


Chapter 20: Exposure

Chapter 21: Lemmings


And for the rest of you, there’s a fresh chapter of Nuclear Winter up too.

Nuclear Winter

Chapter 13: Battle Of Wills


Sorry again.





7 thoughts on “A new chapter and a couple of ‘old’ ones…

  1. I am just happy if you are feeling better. I’ve started to catch up but I’m not quite there yet. Still trying. Have you considered A03 at all?

  2. Don’t worry about us missing alerts, I am prepared to admit that with or without them I regularly check the ‘chapter listing’ on the off chance of a treat (or maybe two). You’d be surprised at the lengths we will go to so as not to miss anything of yours !

  3. Not to worry about the missing post. Most of your fans (myself included) troll the site looking for updates. In reading some of the reviews for the most recent chapter of NW (before this post), it sounded like you were not feeling well. I hope you are on the mend.

    The recent NW chapter as well as the two ‘Alpha’ chapters were terrific. As always, thank you for sharing your talents. Take care.

  4. Yes. Like your other fans stated, I stalk your site for new chapters a few times a week. We are crazy devoted fans. : ) So if for some reason, I miss getting a post. I usually find the chapter eventually…

  5. Just take care of yourself Ang….I know you’re also getting your house packed up to move. Glad you’re staying in Virginia! Yeah…hot as hell Virginia…..

    We’re appreciative bitches, and hopefully don’t nag too much for updates. After all, you’re the best fanfic writer out there, bar none, and you have a rabid and worshipful fan base 🙂

  6. No worries. I’ve become quite good at cyberstalking and caught the chapters a day or so after they were posted. I also took the time to read Meanwhile again. Loved it even more the second time around.

  7. AHAA, it wasn’t just my devices fucking with me like some people told me!!!! Glad you’re feeling better, migraines are a BITCH!

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