As planned…

As always, I have several other chapters in progress. Pretty much any of my stories that y’all could be waiting for updates to is open. I think It Can’t Be is the only exception. It’s always a grab-bag when it comes to which story is updated next…

Rest assured, I work on all of them in some capacity every day 🙂


As for tonight’s chapter of Nuclear Winter…

We have a few new faces, the rest of the Lords are finally introduced in this chapter…


Lord Francoise… Justin Theroux

Lord Bero… Joaquim de Alameida Lord Johan… David Garrett

Lord Atum… Idris Elba Lord Bronya… Mila Kunis

Lord Simza… Jamie Lynn Sigler


So here you have it…

Nuclear Winter

Chapter 12: White Lies




5 thoughts on “As planned…

  1. Not tired of multi-verse, but grateful that you have the energy to continue writing! I look forward to the other stories as well (I love saints and sinners and that universe, too!).

  2. I agree with the last comment. I love them all too. I ve just re read It can’t be so would love to see that continued and I re read for the umpteenth time Saints and Sinners last week so would love to see Life & Death updated as well of course as all the multi verse!! Just greedy really!

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