Alrighty then…

So you’re getting another chapter of Nuclear Winter tonight and the Betas already have Chapter 12, so I’m hoping to post that tomorrow.

I know some of y’all are getting bored with this Verse, but this is what’s in my head at the moment. I’m trying to get to the other stories, really, I am.


We have a couple of new Lords are being introduced in this chapter…

Lord Bero… Joaquim de Alameida Lord Johan… David Garrett


So here you have it…

Nuclear Winter

Chapter 11: All Mine




15 thoughts on “Alrighty then…

  1. Bored? I think you’ve been filling this verse with all the right ingredients to bake up a perfect story. I’ll admit it’s not my favorite verse, though it is climbing the ranks with each new chapter, but it’s not like I could ever get bored with any of your writing. Anything your mind throws out at us, I’ll be ever so grateful to read!!

  2. Who in the heck is bored with this verse? This verse is great. It’s totally different from every other verse and every other fanfiction with having Eric be such a mess over Pam (Liz), but also with Sookie being so successful and who doesn’t love Misty? Now, I do have to say that this is not a new chapter, I read it a couple days ago already…. Also, I have to say that I love me some Alpha and some Rubbernecking and some Euro Pass as well so I wouldn’t be opposed to more of any of them … or a new verse either as I think every verse so far has been fun and brilliant. If I had my choice of what is next … I love Alpha and can’t imagine getting enough of that one, but I’m on pins and needles about EP as well and well … then there is the night after they slept together in Rubbernecking and I cannot wait for Eric to get absolutely addicted to Sookie and insist she accompany him back to his kingdom. Anyway, I’m not sick of Alpha! On the contrary, it’s just gettin’ really good!! As always, thank you for sharing your stories. I love the way your brain works, so if NW is what is on your brain right now then I love me some NW.

  3. I love this verse. It is really nice to see Eric struggle and not have everything flow together so easily for him. Sure at times in this story he can be a bit of a Disney Princess, but it is nice to have him be more I guess human in a way. His flaws obvious flaws in this story make me love him more. Keep it up hon and don’t let anyone tell you that this verse sucks. They just want the neatly tied HEA and that doesn’t always make the best stories.

    much love from the west coast,


  4. I love this verse! Just as much as Alpha and Europass (as far as the still updating stories go). It’s unique with an Eric who doesn’t have his shit together, is more than a little rough around the edges, etc. Then there’s Misty! Her and Eric’s relationship is a delight to read. No boredom here, please keep this one coming. The multitude of layers on this verse is fabulous

  5. I will admit that I didn’t care for this verse at the beginning. I thought Eric was an ass, but I had faith in you and now I love him and everyone in this verse. Don’t let anyone knock you down saying they are bored with what you are writing. You are such an awesome writer you snagged me with B2D and I have been a dedicated fan girl ever sense. Even though I am not one of your Brat Pack I check your web sight often looking for an update on any story. I’m just happy when you update I don’t care witch story is updated, I like them all.

  6. I am just getting hooked on this one. I had trouble with this one in the beginning because he was so depressed but I love how he has regained parts of his self with Sookie’s help. And the interactions with the girls is great.

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