With great power, comes great responsibility…

And apparently a shitload of Lords!

Thanks to Sookie ‘helping Eric to death’,

Northern Kingdom Lords are swarming to Eijsden like a biblical plague 😉

So y’all get a new Nuclear Winter chapter chock full o’Vampires!

*Some more than others, mind you*

** 😀 **

Appearing in this chapter…

Lord Gawain… Julian McMahon

Lord Edward… Justin Bieber  Lord Richard… Jake Cherry

Lord Willem… Taye Diggs  Lord Carlyle… Casey Affleck

Lord Bethany… Summer Glau  Lord Mee… Lucy Lui


Lord Jaroslaw… Adrien Brody  Lord Connelly… Jeffery Dean Morgan


Lord Cornelius… Damien Lewis  Lord Rubio… Alan Tudyk


So, I need to apologize for a blonde moment that kept the email for chapter 9 of Nuclear Winter being sent out.

So for those of you didn’t know about it via the BratPack, you get two chapters today.

Nuclear Winter

Chapter 9: We

Chapter 10: Castling



P.S. The BP Admins asked me to tell you… If you’re in the process of joining the Brat Pack, you might want to check your facebook messages. 🙂

6 thoughts on “With great power, comes great responsibility…

  1. Even those of us not in the Brat pack are conditioned to check in everyday to see if there’s a new chapter to any story. It’s almost like a game, seeing if we can read a chapter before a notification pops up.

  2. Great casting but noooooooo to JB!!! We beg of you! Amazing chapter, I really enjoyed it, especially Lord Bethany’s demise and the explanation of why the females are Lords. It might tickle you to know our Princess Royal, Princess Anne, broke with a thousand years of tradition and defied her mother to be known as a Knight of the Garter, rather than a Lady. She signs her name with the K and wears a sword. I love her, she’s bad ass.

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