HOLY FU*&$%%@*$&%*$&%!#@%@^*!!!!!


You have no idea how stupid a girl my size looks while simultaneously happy dancing, rioting like a drunk soccer fan and shitting her pants… but now my family does 😉

for all of your support!

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I celebrated with a steak dinner and now that I’m so bloated my fingers are stiff, I’m giving you the new chapter of Alpha… and Rubbernecking will be tomorrow night.

** 😀 **

Did I say THANK YOU?

Because I mean it…




Chapter 14: Black Sheep


Thank You!





40 thoughts on “HOLY FU*&$%%@*$&%*$&%!#@%@^*!!!!!

  1. If you had thought about it ahead of time you could have had your family video your reaction then we could have watched it. Would have been awesome! 😉 Well maybe next year. We all know you will be there again, how could you not!? You know we love you and are here to stay. I love hanging on for the ride. Thanks for writing for us.

  2. You absolutely deserve it!!! Thank you for all the time, effort, creativity and love you put into every chapter.
    You’ve made me laugh, smile and cry…you’ve taught me new things, inspired me to research others, and generally made my life happier.


  3. You so totally deserve every accolade you receive! I’m very happy for you and so thankful for the new chapter!

    You Totally Rock!!!

  4. I was so excited after the nominating round to see how many you were up for and I’m uber excited that you won so many. You deserve them a thousand times over. Congratulations. you are awesome and I’m glad everyone else knows it too. 🙂

  5. I would like to say that I’m surprised, but with how much I love reading your stories and obsess about reading them I’m not. I’m so happy for you!!! You really do deserve any recognition and praise that comes you way!

  6. I was watching some show on Phantom of the Opera, and the ladies were going on an on about how many times they had seen it. I though, sorta like Saints and Sinners for me.. I have read each and every single story you’ve written more than 10 times.. If I have nothing to read, I will read your stories over and over again.. Most days– when you update, I start at the beginning and read all the way up to the update!!! You are amazing.. nothing else to be said.. simply amazing… you deserve every single award and more!! Congrats!!

    • Funny you should mention Phantom… I still have nightmares about that show…
      I worked for Backstage America when the Music Box Tour of the show steamrolled through Norfolk and played Chysler Hall…
      96 shows…
      Ninty fucking six performances… and since Angela’s 6 ft tall, guess who dressed Carlotta in her 80 pound Hanibal costume that needed to be carried overhead so it wouldn’t drag. O.O
      I still complain… but it my favorite job… and it was an amazing show (the first dozen or so times) 😉

      • HAHA I have tried so hard to explain to people that I hate theater but I love the theater.. Not so much the “oh wow what an great show ” part but more the ” What the fuck.. I said all my lines while holding up the door.. no it wasn’t improvising I was holding up the damn set”. Part.. eh.. no one gets me.. +

  7. Congratulations, Angela! Very well-deserved honors. Saints & Sinners introduced me to your writing and got me hook, line and sinker 😉 I have read each and every one of your stories at least 10 times. A very fun, escapist time to spend a weekend after a stressful week. Thank you, thank you, thank you for all you do for us!! You have given us the very best characterizations of our favorite SVM characters in alternative stories 🙂

  8. Congratulations! Long hours at the computer combined with a sharp wit and fresh writing style has certainly paid off. I always look forward to you updates.

  9. Angela: It is very well deserved. And ahem…… since Saints and Sinners won a few for you…. I would love to see Life and Death picked up sometime soon. I am actually re-reading S&S right now. It is such a terrific story I must have read it at least 3 or 4 times already. I know that the multiverse keeps you hopping, but I hope you don’t forget about Life and Death. Again, congrats for your well deserved accolades for your wonderful talent.

  10. You deserved every single one of those. When I see that you update. I stop everything and read. Even if it means I don’t get to sleep til the wee hours of the morning and I have to be up at 6. LOL

  11. Oh, how I would have loved to see your happy dance! I totally agree with all of the above, but as an avid AH lover I would love to see an update of one of your human stories (although your other stories are also awesome). I’m also realistic enough to know that most of your readers prefer ‘multiverse’ updates. (So be it. pout).

    Congratulations with all your awards. You earned them all fare and square!!!

  12. You deserve it all tenfold! I’m so happy someone was able to honor you in a way that made you so happy. Revel in it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. No one deserves these wins more than you do. You are an excellent and engaging writer and I have sat here at my computer and devoured your work like a fat kid with free reign in a candy shoppe. I enjoyed it so much that two weeks later I’m back to read everything all over again.

  14. Congrats congrats… couldnt have happened to a better writter. your work prooves itself time and time again..u r by far fav writer of mine. if i sugest a fic i always start with you. congrats again on your many awards quite the hall 🙂 enjoy your weekend…till next time thanks again, marie

  15. I am sooooo happy for you. You more then deserve each and every award you got and more. You should receive an award for every story you have ever written. Your stories are so loved that they keep everyone coming back to reread all of them over and over.


    Congrats to us for having you. We live for your words.


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