The Rubbernecking I promised….

Eric and Pam have their much needed vay-ya and you even get a little Gran and Bubba in the bargain…


Chapter 4: I Love You Because


Some of you might not be aware of the collection of lunatics and sycophants over on Facebook…

I give chapters to them a little early just to shut them up…  and if you ever have any questions about MultiVerse (or any of my stories, for that matter) they can help if I’m not around.

EricIzMine’s BratPack

Enjoy the chapter and if you’re going to join the BratPack, I’ll see you there!


5 thoughts on “The Rubbernecking I promised….

  1. Give us chapters early to shut up? Yeah for about 10mins whilst we devour our next dose. Then we go right back to frothing!!!! Love yah for the plug, we might get to 2 Million hits as well like this 😉 (200 more like it, if that)
    Kajsa (Uber Brat)

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