23 thoughts on “Are y’all getting sick of Death’s Door?

  1. Love all the new banners!………..and a BIG FAT ‘OH HELL NO’…..Deaths Door is my new fave and all these updates are just feeding my little addiction 😉 ………………..am I missing something? I have read EVERYTHING and I can’t place the banner for ‘HALF IN LOVE’…… is there possibly something out there I can sink my teeth in after the new update?

  2. oops….FYI, I made a smaller banner for chappie 5 of deaths door and there doesn’t seem to be any issues with the animation…fingers crossed….take a look if you get a chance.

  3. yay for more Death’s Door!

    But Half in Love and Her Little Masquerade are both throwing me. Are these other stories, and where can I find them?

  4. Not tired at all! Keep it coming! I’m confused too… what are Half in Love and Her Little Masquerade?.. it’s not fair for your to keep stories from us! You can’t expect to dangle your crack in front of us and not expect us to react like fiends… give it up!

    • I’m soooooooooooo hoping she’s just messing with all of us and she’s actually going to surprise us with new chapters of Deaths Door or maybe she’s gotten started on the new sequel to Bored to Death….

  5. Not at all, I love it! I haven’t been reviewing since I’ve been on the road, but I’ve loved every chapter….Thank you for writing. and creating this amazing world.

  6. keep them coming to us…. as i am sure that everyone feels the same way as me, we love this story and any others that you write.

  7. Hell no I’m not sick of it. I’m loving this story and as someone else said these updates are feeding my addiction. I’m loving the spin-offs from BTD and as AIW is coming to a close soon and DT is being rewritten so the originial isn’t up I’m having more stuff to read and re-read.

  8. sorry about that. I was half asleep when i posted last night.
    I uploaded extra banners to store them and added them to the post in a moment of epic blondness.
    They went bye-bye when I got your comments.
    No harm. No foul. Carry on.

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