Death’s Door and MORE eye candy!

So this time, I’ve gotten hotness from LEI and a new benefactor… AngelIsis!

Thank you ladies!

*I’m always accepting new pretties. Just make sure you use posed photos (I’m anti-pap) and let me know how you want to be credited (and if you’d like a link to your own site or profile somewhere).


And here’s your chapter…

Death’s Door

Chapter 5: FYI


4 thoughts on “Death’s Door and MORE eye candy!

  1. ooooooh…i didn’t know you were accepting banners from other people!!!! can i do a few? you should do a contest with a popular vote to see who’s gets to be the official banner!!!!!

  2. Nice… It’s always cool to see who everyone pictures as their “Sookie” or other characters but ASkars will ALWAYS be Eric. I still see your Corbett as Liam Neesom, yum!

    Will Alcide in Wonderland be finished soon? Just curious

    Thanks for the update!

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