New One-Shot Contest!


All one has to do is throw a rock to find a romantic, loving SVM/TB FanFic…

Literary chick-flicks are rampant in the fandom…

The chore, the hidden treasure of FanFic is… BROmance.

That’s right bromance… Therein lies the challenge, folks… There are too few stories out there that give us the machismo of true brotherhood.

So there’s your challenge… Taking a page from the Bro Code, write a One-Shot that drips in testoste-roni goodness.

The Bro Code

Article 101: If a Bro asks another Bro to keep a secret, he shall take that secret to his grave. That’s what makes them Bros, not chicks


Don’t forget to write a teaser that’ll promote your story!

For more information go to

The winner will receive a Banner/Eye Candy courtesy of LEI!


As always, feel free to email me with any questions or concerns.


3 thoughts on “New One-Shot Contest!

  1. YES! Bros bros bros bros!!!
    Mostly because I love the Alcide and Eric bromances you always write. There really should be more of them. Although that banner, I can’t tell if Stephen Moyer is really that damn short, or if Alex is just that damn tall.

  2. This contest is going to rock. I’m not a huge one-shot kinda girl, but who can resist a well written bromance. And I’m with Kelly, you’ve kinda spoiled us with all the Eric/ Alcide love that goes into your stories. I’ve played second to my hubby’s hetero life mate enough times, but I still find it funny.

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