Going by the numbers in the poll, there are plenty of y’all who liked Dead Tired.

I had no idea that so many of you were disappointed to see it die.

Maybe it’s because it was my first attempt, but I haven’t been happy with it in ages.

I’m taking that shit down and sending one chapter at a time to my Beta Squad so that I can unfuck it.

I’ll start posting it again as it comes out of the machine.

*Glad I asked.It looks like you’re getting a revamping.

40 thoughts on “UnFuckingReal…

  1. i liked it how it was, but i think there is usually room for improvement 🙂 cant wait to re-read it as it comes out again. does this mean there might be more as well? or just the re vamp??

  2. Yay!!!

    I’ve always wondered something….why did you choose to have Sookie not breastfeed the twins? I mean, I totally get it, OW!!!, but, for storytelling purposes, I thought it might be a good device to strengthen their bond/powers or something.

    Just curious….

    • Sookie didn’t opt for breast feeding because of Pam…
      Sharing as much of the babies with her as possible in mind, poor Pam wouldn’t have been able to partake in the bonding that comes with feeding.

  3. Woo Hoo, I am over the moon. I loved Dead Tired, I still think about Pam and Sookie on Alcide’s lap…*fans self*. I cannot wait to see how it comes out when it gets revamped – lol – a pun Eric would like huh?

    Girlie I am loving your new decorations…he is so beautiful.

    Thanks for everything you do!

  4. i’m sooooo happy!
    i hope you’ll have the power to write more of it atfer it’s revamped.
    first attempt, yes, but an awesome one. i love the characters, plot, all of it. but, after recent re-reading, i see that the improvement in your writing is hudge. i’m sure i’ll love it even more after it’ll be done.
    you made my day…no, a f***ing month!

  5. I love how raw and punk rock Dead Tired is… but I understand wanting to polish it. Can you provide a secret link for those of us who like to reread it occasionally. lol

  6. Yeah!!!!! I would love to reread again after you redo it. I think I have already reread like four times the way it is. So happy that you’re gonna keep this one alive : )

  7. Yay! I’d started it, but it seemed like it would never be finished, so I didn’t want to get too “invested”, if ya know what I mean.

  8. Thanks for resuscitating Dead Tired!!! Wonderful, raw, gutsy story –if anyone can make it better, it will be you and your gang…..Yes, yes –would like to see the other set of twins born, grow up and all rule the world!!

  9. YAY!!!!! So glad you’re taking another look at this one. If you continue with it, great if not I’ll be happy with the revamp. Just keep writing! Anyone of the stories will do. I’ll wait. *whistling casually* No thats ok. I’ll just wait here. Off you go!


  10. Whooo Hooooo!

    I simply loved the original. The interplay between all the characters was wonderful…If I ask reallllllllllll nice, would you consider finishing it? The re-vamp is exciting…but you left me hungry for more! Way more! It is a unique and wonderful story. Don’t beat yourself down on that original effort!

  11. I have enjoyed all of your stories. They have a great sense of humor to go along with the drama and romance. Have you given any thought to converting your completed stories to html or mobipocket format? Or providing a link to allow us to download each chapter as a whole?

  12. So glad that you are reconsidering the Infinites! I would be more than happy with you leaving the current chapters as they are and move the story forward. I recently finished re-reading the Infinites (had to do something to get DR out of my head) and I was really struck by how your writing evolved over the course of the story, it is very cool to see that, kind of a “witness to the greatness” you have become! Any way you go, I am just happy you write!

  13. I’m soooooooooo looking forward to the Re-release of Dead Tired….’sniffs, looking away teary eyed’……I can still remember browsing fanfic and finding it only to be hooked by the end of the first chappie…..I hope that whatever lemony juices were flowing when you put pen to paper and came up with that little fic finds its way back to you….No matter what all the ‘haters’ may have said about the OOC relationships don’t matter because there ARE so many more of us that love your writing enough to realize that you took the ‘Alternate Universe’ to an entire new level with Dead Tired/Dead Sexy…..You’ve pioneered a few idea’s into the Eric/Sookie universe with time travel, the bond and relationship traits of our sexy duo….Looking forward to any and all posts 🙂

  14. oh i can’t wait for it come back i have read all of your stories more than 3 times now and still can read them when i have no updates to read and for one of the firsts story you did it is the one that got me hooked on Fanfiction and WordPress you are a wonderful writer

    thank you
    Marie Roanoke Va

  15. I think you should let the story be i like it how it is i was actually re-reading it again last night and earlier today and i am going to miss it…. it was getting me through some hard times…… i will be waiting for it come back no need to change it in my opioion. i hope you finish the chapters left out and the ones yet to be writen i agree with Grey Goose above give us link when we are craving for a fix thanks Kristie

  16. * Dances around the computer room * So happy you decided to try and get this done instead of shelfing it. * happy dances again*

  17. Ahhhhh so happy that I just read Dead Tired and all that was posted! Seriously just finished it! Will be looking for the “revamp!”

  18. THank you so much for reconsidering the infanite series. Dead Tired was what got me started reading your material. As soon as you started posting here I read everything you put out, multiple times. All of your stories are fabulous. Thanks again for finding out what we your fans wanted. Can’t wait to read it again once you have it back up. A

  19. I love all your work! I have read and reread them several times. I was actually rereading dead tired when real life so rudely interupted. I finally get back andit’s gone. I hope that it won’t be down for a long time. Your writing style is just so additive. The charaters are so full of life and you have such a way ofstory telling that makes me feel like a kid with their favorite bedtime story or their favorite chip once you get a taste you can’t stop until you finish.

  20. You made my night. I don’t really know how you could improve on it. I have read it 3 or 4 times so I will be looking forward to any changes.

  21. YAY I liked the story the way it was but I can’t wait to read the “revamped” version. Thank you fro deciding to put it back.

  22. OMG! YAY!!!!!!

    You have made my day, night, week, and Month. WooHoo! Can’t wait this is so cool.

    Uh oh hubby is trying to figure out why I am laughing, crying and bouncing around LOL better run.


  23. I like the way it is, but there is usually room for improvement, especially if you think so. I love Dead Tired so I will definitely be looking forward to you fixing it up. And hopefully there will be an ending. 🙂

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