Opinion Poll : Out of curiosity…

I was wondering which stories you all liked enough to stay current on.

I’m curious about…

  • how many folks I disappointed when I killed the Infinite series…
  • how many folks were turned off by the ‘skipping’ in the Bored To Death/ Meanwhile stories…
  • how many folks stick to AH or steer clear of them…

That kind of thing.

Feel free to anonymously flame anything. I really do want honest opinions. All I ask is that you take the feelings of others into consideration when doing so.

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110 thoughts on “Opinion Poll : Out of curiosity…

  1. I’m not too picky. You’re an incredible story teller. I could sit for hours just reading the banter between your characters without a discernible plot. AH/AU/Canon spin off whatever. You knock it out of the park every time. As long as you’re never inspired to make Bill *gags* slash or really any Bill sexiness, I’m reading as long as you’re writing.

  2. Hi – first time commenting – just wanted to say how much I love your writing and although I have only completed BTD and am in the middle of MW, I am sure the other stories are great as well. You have a wonderful style of writing and capture the most fun about the characters – even in the midst of angst, they are fun. I (like many of your readers) wish you were on the writing staff of TB since I would love to see AS and AP bring your Eric and Sookie to my TV.

    • Just wait until you read “Saints & Sinners”! Very few stories make me laugh hysterically, but this was one of them.

  3. I really enjoyed Dead Tired until everyone started having sex withy each other then i was pretty much done. waiting for icb to be done before reading


    • Ditto this (re: DT/Infinte Series and ICB).

      I loved Bored to Death and stay current on Meanwhile.

      I hear Saints & Sinners is fantastic, and plan to dig in when I can keep my eyes open long enough… (I thought 2nd trimester was supposed to be all energetic and shit??? LOL!)

  4. I have really enjoyed almost all of your stories. You were the first human author I found and thought that was just the greatest thing to hit fan fiction. I tried to get into the infinite series but with all due respect; it was just a wee bit out there for me. The skipping has been interesting, I see it’s purpose and it doesn’t turn me off.

  5. i have to confess i love all your stories.
    but my all-time favourite, in ALL fanfiction is Infinite.
    i really hope one day you’ll come back to it, i’ll wait even if that means 10 years or never:D

  6. I have read and enjoyed all of your stories but, have to admit that Saints and Sinners and Alcide in Wonderland are probably my favorites. I have read all of your stories multiple times each. LOL

  7. Sounds gushy but I read and have read everything. I’d love to see the continuation of S & S, and therefore AIW. I enjoy all the vampire pics and I am loving ICB, even more so these days.

    I read Infinite and enjoyed it. Your writing has improved and developed so much since you wrote it though. I would greatly enjoy a reworking of that. Whether it be a redux, a condensation of the various POVs or off shoots.

    It has immense possibilties, it reminds me a little of Citrox’s current story, I think it has so much more to offer.

  8. i will be honest and say i was sad to see cancelation of infinite stories. i was really into it. but if you lost interest or just blocked on it i can understand. maybe when on break or done with others you can always get tips and ideas from fans to help with finishing it. or a co author to help work it with. i wouldnt mind more with meanwhile and bored to death. those stories are rocking could get serious kick out of more of them. but it all depends on where your going if it would be worth it. And I;m also really into it cant be. i havent read your other ones yet ill check them out sometime. im not so much and AH reader but sometimes its a good one like it cant be. keep up the great work and hopefully your poll an opionions from fans helps you out with what your looking for.
    oh almost forgot i love the skipping its so niffty to see them interact with others. may be neat to see meanwhile eric and sookie to meet a different set or see how it went with bored to death eric and sookie. loving all your work. keep up the wonderful work.

  9. I stay clear of the AH stories … but I am hopefully addicted to BTD and Meanwhile. Love those stories and I really think they are better than CHs series.

  10. I LOVE your work, i prefer vamp/human stories though your human ones are nice, i would love to see more infinite but. eh at least i get meanwhile and BTD would love to see more don’t care if its one shots, chapters, outtakes lol, you write it i read it.. 🙂

  11. I will read anything you write! AH or Vamp/human.
    I think that the Infinite series still had possibilities. But if you feel that you’ve said all you could within that framework, it’s your decision. I’m only sad that it’s less of your writing to read.

    The skipping was a new and unique development in FF. It’s added a lot to the stories, making them more complex, adding surprises and expanding the series from BD to Meanwhile. I love time travel, and while alternate demensions are not the same thing, I think it’s the “what if” and “do-over” factors that hook me.

    All questions answered…

  12. I read them all. Most of them I have re read once or twice.

    Don’t make me choose
    I love them all
    Wish I had a penis
    You could have my babies
    They may inherit crazy
    Ya think ?
    I’m not crazy!
    You are
    No I’m not
    Ah Yeah

  13. i love all your stories and will admit im dissapointed about the end os the infinate series and cannot wait for the continuation of life and death

  14. I just can’t decide witch one I like the most^^ The only one I didn’t read already is “It can’t be” but it’s just a matterof time really. I would like to see “The infinite” serie finished I’m truely curious to see what happened to the twins and how her second pregnancy will go but I can wait as long as it takes. Just don’t quit please!

  15. I love Bored to Death and Meanwhile I love the voice that you give Eric by having his point of view. I like how you have linked the two stories together. Personally I prefer the Sookie Meanwhile but both are fabulous.
    I tend to steer clear of AH because I prefer the paranormal elements that you can bring into the stories.

  16. I didn’t vote in the poll for It Can’t Be but I do intend to get there. I enjoy both canon and AH but I don’t do the multiples in sex that are in Infinite series.

  17. I have to say I don’t read AH stories. I have tried but I just can’t get into them.

    I was very sad to see the Infinite series cancelled. I was really addicted to and LOVED that series.

    I absolutely adore BTD and MW!

    I would be absolutely over the moon for more of any of Infinite, BTD, or MW. When I have had friends ask me to recommend stories I always Send them here and to the Infinite series, BTD and MW.

  18. Personally I was sucked in from the start with Dead Tired and then I found my way over here last year and haven’t looked back since…I will say that I am a HUGE fan of your style, the details and emotion that goes in to your writing to the point where my husband probably thinks I’m bipolar….one minute I’m cussing under my breath ready to pull out my hair and then the next second I’m practically falling out of my desk chair from laughing so hard….For me there is no preference. There are many Fic Writers where my choices run specifically SUPERNATURAL and others that I strictly only read their ALL HUMAN versions of our fave couple….Put simply, all your stories appeal in so many different ways to me that I can’t make a choice.

  19. Honestly, i’ve read them all & loved each one. with the exception of 1 I hadn’t bothered reading any A/H before yours & still don’t. I couldn’t pick a favourite at all. i’m gutted you killed the infinite series but completely understand your reasons behind that decision & just hope that in the future you’ll go back to it. i like the skipping, it’s a very interesting twist & of course we have Meanwhile as a result.

  20. I haven’t read a story of yours that I didn’t like. I read the IS and loved it even though it was a little different from what I normally read. It would be great to get a few chapters to round off the latest pregnancy, but I prefer your current stories and would hate to lose those updates.

    I used to steer clear of AH until I read S&S. LOVE IT. Read it twice. Currently re-reading AIW as well. I’m anxiously awaiting the rest of L&D once you finish AIW.

    You know I love BTD and Meanwhile. I thought the skips were great and I’m interested to see what else you may have in store.

    I’m also currently starting It Can’t Be and love it even though I normally avoid too much relationship angst.

    So, in short, I do a little dance with any of your updates. 🙂

    Currently, my number one wish list for update would be Meanwhile. However, that’s because you asked after you posted a cliffhanger. LOL

    Love it all. Read it all. Can’t wait for more.

  21. In only slight preferential order:
    1. Bored to Death/Meanwhile (I like the “skipping”)
    2. Life & Death
    3. AIW/Saints & Sinners
    4. Infinite Series
    5. It Can’t Be

  22. The only story of yours that I haven’t read is Alcide in Wonderland but I am planning on reading it after its finished. I do like your stories – especially since you have a plot!! 🙂 I am a big fan of It Can’t Be. The story seems really well laid out and although I like lemons, the stories that don’t focus on them so much are more enjoyable to me. I really liked the premise of Saints and Sinners but felt Sookie was too flawless (she cooked, she cleaned, she taught) and I was pretty annoyed with her by the end. 🙂 Take my opinion or leave it!

  23. I will read and re-read anything you write. I love, love, love all your stories, but I have to admit that the Infinite series is special, it was what started this affair after all! Thanks for writing and I hope you never tire of us.

  24. I read all your stories, but the Infinite series was my favoritte. I wanted to cry when you cancelled it.

  25. I honestly don’t read A/H stories except, for some reason,

    I started reading It Can’t Be and I loved it. It is a great story on it’s own without any connection to S/E. I honestly don’t know why I haven’t read the other non- Vamp stories. It may not be what you want to hear but I would love more of everything. Your writing is so natural it is as if you created the characters. You have certainly keep them more true to form than CH. I look for you when ever I check my mail. I know this is not what you want to hear but I love all the stories of yours I read. I would hate to see any of them go: having said that I like the way you switched from BTD to Meanwhile ( I would of course like to see more BTD), I would like to see ICB to its natural end ( I hope with S&E at the alter), I do love the infiniate series as well and would love to see Alcides babies be born. Sorry I am no help! All your stories are to damn good. Put somethings on hold, we understand real life comes first. Now I think I am going to read the other stories I haven’t yet ;0

  26. Currently I am just reread BTD, I hope you will continue this wonderful story. Impatiently I also waiting for next chapters of Infinite, MW and ICB. I love this stories. I haven’t read yet S&S, but I’m sure it will be good as well. Thank you for your awesome work.

  27. I am of the opinion that you wite it-I read it. Seriously I can’t get enough of any of your stories. I was crushed when you said you were scrapping the Infinite series but as a writer myself I get it when it becomes painful to continue. I was quickly consoled by your other brilliant stories and could never be forced to pick a favorite.

    Loved the skipping idea as it only enriched an already amazing world that you have created for us all.

    Human, Vamp, purpule people eater – it doesn’t matter. If I see an update from you I drop everything so I can read it. I have been known to pull my car over and read an update on my iPhone. Sad I know but we are a devoted bunch of fans.

    I have read and re read your stories time and time again and only wish I had them on my Kindle so I wouldn’t be a slave to the internet.

    Keep writing,


  28. I’ve loved everything you’ve written, except Infinate, which I only liked. The POV’s got to be a bit much and I never finished reading it. I have been thinking of going back to it though.

    Regardless, you are (in my mind) the ultimate in SVM fanfiction! Your stories and their characters are the most creative and well written that I’ve come across. The wit and intelligence with which they’re written is second to none. Literally.

    I never liked AH, or even the idea of it, until I read Saints and Sinners and discovered what it looks like when it is done right! I was a little afraid of ICB, but have totally fallen in love with it. It’s emotional and hopeful at the same time throughout the work. It quickly emotionally attaches your readers to your characters, making us feel personally invested in thier lives. But that is true for all of your stories. ICB just happens to elicit more voilitile emotions because of the suject matter. It’s a more mature type of emotionality and a very welcome change in fanfic.

    I adore BTD and MW, reality skips and all. Those skips are original, creative and fun. Best of all, they’re original in the fanfic world. With the addictive, fun personalities of your characters I couldn’t be more entranced by every update!

    Serriously, I want to lick your brain. Keep writing and I’ll keep reading!

  29. I read everything you write. And I do read some AH but I dont like a lot of it, except for your stuff. I loved Saints and Sinners the same as I love Bored to Death both of which I’ve read numerous times. I also really love meanwhile. I love your stories and that the drama is around the main couple instead of between them. I hope you have a sequel planned for Bored to Death. But honestly write anything and I will read it. Your stories are some of my absolute favs. Cant wait for more!

  30. I love all your stories. I was really enjoying Dead Sexy until the point that they started swapping partners, which is kind of a turn-off to me and Sookie having kids with Alcide. Other than that I really liked it. I love both your AH and Supe/Human stories. I love the idea of Eric and Sookie meeting themselves and seeing how their relationship came about. I want to know how things turned out for the Sookie that bonded and married Bill.

  31. I read all your stories except Infinite and Alcide.

    I haven’t started Alcide yet, but I will give it a try because S&S is my favourite AH story ever.

    I did try to read the Infinite series but I couldn’t get into it. Your story is supposed to be canon but your Sookie is totally OOC and there isn’t any explanation for her change of personality. At least in Meanwhile, Sookie’s new personality is explained by her encounter with her ‘other’ self, and in BTD, she was never screwed up by Bill, so her confidence made sense. The Sookie from Infinite is just random, and so is the Alcide character, from the little I have read.
    I hope I do not offend. I think you’re hugely talented and I would love to have even 10% of your talent.

    The currently active story I’m most exited about is ICB. And the currently dormant one I really can’t wait for is L&D closely followed by the BTD sequel.

    But really, apart from Infinite (which I might try to read again one day), I love all of your work. You’re one of my top 3 fanfic author.

  32. I seek out AH stories – they tend to be my favorites. There is so much more potential by writing these characters as human I guess instead of the same stuff with different details. Anyhow, I love your stories and your sense of humor 🙂

  33. I love Bored to death and Meanwhile. I love the skipping. Maybe they can next run in to d Sookie who never met any sups and an Eric who knows nothing about Sookie! I also Love Saints and Sinners and are hoping for more on the follow up story! The infinite series is 10 shade of Awesome! I love it and have read it 4 times. It is very rare for me to read a story more than once!! I would love to see a page set up for infinite series that explains a few things. Such as is a Vegas wedding a real game or something you made up? I have googled it and was not able to find any such games! I am looking forward to Eric and Sookie redoing the Golf course and seeing the new babies. I also think that Sookie should maybe see to New orleans. Since the queen never had a chance to fix it up and Felipe and Victor never did anything to fix the damage. Maybe they can build a Vamp freindly light tight storm shelter for Vamps trapped in the area if another hurricane ever comes! Just a thought!! Love it though!!

  34. 1. Tried reading Infinite Series but too many POVs. Also, they were not complete so I didnt want to start reading. Since you write great stories I probably would have read them when complete after I finished reading my faves: SS, AIW, BTD, MWhile along with there respective sequels.

    2. The “skips” confused me at first, and I had to go back and reread them to figure out what your Mensa brain was doing, damn genius! The last Meanwhile skip gave away some BTD juice, so I have to wonder how the BTD sequel will play out since we know kinda what they have been doing.

    3. I prefer vampire Eric, but human ERIC is just as sexy. Hell, its Eric! Lol
    Doesn’t really matter to me.

  35. I love all of your stories so much its hard to say I have a favorite, and just when I get sad that you are shifting focus from one story to a new one I get sucked into the new story.

    So guess all that to say I’ll read anything you are writing preferably as often as possible.

    But I would love if you did decide to continue the Infinite Series, but I will not object to more Bored to Death or Saints and Sinners, and I am really enjoying the skipping and Meanwhile. I love the dynamic with Sookie-Eric-Hunter in any timeline.

  36. I love them ALL! The infinit series deserves to be completed – how the kids turn out, Sookie’s powers et all…

  37. I’ve read all your stories, most more than once and I’m a fan of them all. Your writing def. seems to have changed since the Infinite series and that would probably be my least favorite of your stories but it was still good. I used to avoid AH, and sometimes I still do but I’m never disappointed with yours. I’d love to see life and death continue because saints and sinners was your first story I ever read and I loved it and still love it. So life and death and the finishing of AIW would be awesome. BTD and MW are great too. Pretty much if you write it I’m going to read it so just keep it coming.

  38. OMG you have to keep up the Infinite series; please, please, please!!! Also what did you mean by ‘how many folks stick to AH or steer clear of them’? If you meant Alcide then I love the way you write him!!! Although different in each story he is always great! As for the skipping to alt time lines in meanwhile I think it’s a cool idea. Maybe some people find it hard to follow but I sure don’t think that way. However it’s your imagination and muse that keeps us coming back for more so really it’s your decision.

  39. I could never get into the Infinate series- although that is how I found out about you…..I never read A/H stories until Saints and that was what got me hooked. Then, bored to death and Meanwhile. I wasn’t into ICB at first…now I can’t wait for each chapter….I have to say though, S&S, BTD and Meanwhile are my favorites…..

  40. I would be devastated if we no longer got updates on meanwhile, It can’t be, or Alcide In wonderland. I love all your stories but those are my staples and look forward to those updates. I also can’t wait for the 3rd story in the bored to death and meanwhile series.

  41. I loved all the stories but after rereading the Infinte stories I honestly felt that Sookie was a little Mary Sueish, she went from having no power (other than mind reading) to being able to do anything. I think for me part of the appeal of Sookie/Eric is while she’s independent he still helps take care of her and some of that is lost with all her new powers.
    Everything else is super awesome though. I just finished rereading BtD for like the 6th time and the parts that made me laugh the first time still make me laugh. The way you capture the voices of these characters is amazing.

  42. I love, love, love Bored to Death and Meanwhile. I’m also a big fan of It Can’t Be. I first read Saints and Sinners a while ago and didn’t really like it, but I reread it recently and it’s now one of my favorite AH stories. Looking forward to the sequel.

    Pretty much, you write it and I’ll read it.

  43. I love, love, love your bored to death and meanwhile stories. They are some of the best IMO. I have no interest what so ever in AH stories. Unfortunetly FF is crawling with them these days its like a lice outbreak that isn’t going away but instead its spreading WTF.

  44. I started on the Infinate but quickly lost interest because of all the extra powers Sookie had. This was right at the beginning of both me reading fanfic and the whole story. Compared to some of the stories outbtherenthat bring the whole brothers Grimm meets Middle Earth into Lousianna and hoeing able to read more than just the first three chapters And loving S&S made me persevere and now I’m sad there will not be more. I love the alternate views but can understand there isn’t much more new you can add to the story after killing Niall . Agree with an earliervposter on the ‘can I have some more’ but grateful for every word you share with us. Bless the muses, long may they live! ( and boo for the iPad for auto correcting everything behind your back and now not allowing me to go back to correct).

  45. LOVE your stories!! Was disappointed when you decided to cancel Infinite series. It took some getting used to….the swapping and all….so I quit reading it ( at the time it was your only story) and then went back and started from the beginning again….and fell in love!! Someone mentioned in a response that your Sook in this story seemed randem, personality wise…didn’t you say in the story that Niall unlocked her powers and that explains the difference in her, Anywho, not much of a AH fan but really love S&S/AIW/LID. Can’t wait for that to continue. Have really enjoyed BTD & Meanwhile! I like BTD because Gran is still in the story. She’s a sweetie!! Your imagination is something special! SO TALENTED!!!!! I’ve re-read ALL the stories at least twice! I really liked the different POV’s in Infinte. I know it’s a lot more work for you, but we get to see the same scenerio from all angles. I hope in the future you decide to continue with it. In the meantime I’m willing to read anything you write!!!!!

  46. I;ve read and reread everything you’ve written. I have to say my fav is Alcide (followed with Sinners and Life after as I really love that verse). I just love Alcide’s character and his boys are priceless (although the women make me feel like a lazy slob for not having that superwoman mentality ;). My next favorite is Bored to Death/Meanwhile universe. I am enjoying It can’t be but I don’t feel as connected to it yet. I really liked the infinite series as well, although at times it got a little to graphic for me. Never the less I enjoy everything you write and am always happy when I see an e-mail saying you updated

  47. Miss Bored to Death, and Saints and sinners. Wish for more posts of Alcide. Not to fond of Meanwhile or Infinite. Like the old stuff

  48. i love everything that i have read of yours and i hope that the stories that are uncompleted will eventually be picked up, i miss reading them! i really miss the Infinite series as well as Life & Death.

  49. I just love all of your stories, esp. S&S & AIW. You have such a unique style of writing that it pulls a reader in, no matter what you write about.
    The Infinite series was great at first but some where along the line it got confusing, well at least for me, and I keep trying to finish reading it but it’s just not happening.
    Icb is also a great story, even though it at first seemed like a very long shot for someone like Eric to not find anyone else to share his life with for 15 years and then just be pretty much ok with the whole situation.
    meanwhile and BTD rock! I love the skipps and am looking forward to them going to different worlds, especially some where things aren’t going so well for the two of them.
    Basically as long as you keep writing anything I’ll be very happy to read it 🙂

  50. I’ve read BTD at least four times. Every time I get bored I wander back on here and either read it again or work my way through Meanwhile (what you’ve finished so far at least) again. I’m currently working my way through AIW. I usually steer clear of any AH stories, but I don’t know. I love the way you write so I might head on over to those next. Regardless, I think you should just keep up the good work. You are an awesome story teller and I’m always excited to see a new post from you in my inbox.

  51. I really enjoy your writing style, your humor, your imaginative storylines and your characters’ attitudes. I have read and enjoyed everything. The only story I skim (still read, but not as intensely dedicated) is Meanwhile. I have recently gotten back into it after Hunter arrived.

    My favorite is BTD, followed by Saints & Sinners and AIW. I adored the Infinite Series and reread it periodically. It is very punk rock. 🙂

  52. You mean I have to only pick one??????? That one is too hard. I love them all!!! Of course one that you didn’t mention…, The Dating Game.. would be nice to see some more of that too.

  53. Haven’t read the infinite series, didn’t realize it existed so now I’ll have to check it out. I confess I was not a huge fan of AH stories (Eric is a vampire after all)..but am gradually being won over. If the story is well written and engaging, I’ll at least give it a try. I did Read Saints & Sinners and found it delightful..

  54. My faves are the Infinite Series (actually re-reading that now) and Bored to Death –I guess because you do a GREAT Eric “voice” —Even though Dead Tired was your first foray into writing, it is by far and above one of the best stories out there -I think it has to do with your imagination, the way you write Sookie (smart, savvy, funny) and that you dislike Bill so much –love the interaction with the characters (especially Pam and Alcide)….all in all –MORE!

  55. I READ THEM ALL!!! supe… ah… eric… alcide… it doesn’t matter!
    the only one i haven’t stayed current on is ‘meanwhile’. the whole alternate eric and sookie thing confused me while you were still posting btd so i didn’t get very far. i have plans to read it once it’s finished.
    i LOVE LOVE LOVE s&s, aiw, l&d, icb, and the infinites. i’ve read them multiple times… i was soo sad when you cancelled dead tired and dead sexy.

    so there’s my two cents. 🙂

  56. I enjoyed the Infinite series but never felt the desire to go back and re-read them the way I have your other stories… it almost seems as if your story telling style outgrew the Infinite series.

    When I say I read and re-read your stories I mean numerous time. These are my go to stories. They never get old, they just get better with each read.

    S&S was the first AH story I ever got hooked on and I absolutely love it and AIW and look forward to L&D. I love the way Eric and Alcide both seemed as if their lives were in a holding pattern until they were sucked into the Stackhouse universe and found a world they didn’t even know existed.

    I enjoy the vampire world you created in the BTD and M. When you first introduced the skip in BTD it definitely was a WTF moment but I quickly became totally caught up in it.

    Then you took off in a yet another direction with ICB. Another wonderful story where a family is finding their hearts desire… and like in S&S, Alcide is along for the ride and, hopefully, will be able to find what he’s looking for.

    I think you have a wonderful talent for writing about humans, telepaths, vampires and Weres, Sheriffs, FBI agents and architects and whatever else you can think of and finding happy homes for them. It’s all good. Thanks for sharing your wonderful imagination and talent.

  57. I think my faves have been infinite series and Saints and Sinners, in fact as much as i enjoyed AIW, I was really disappointed that you went through AIW and basically stopped L&D, because I much prefer the S/E dynamic to A/H and I think in S&S we actually got a fair bit of Alcide’s opinion etc anyway, but I appreciate writing can’t be forced.
    At the moment I am reading everything you write, but I prefer ICB to Meanwhile, I find Meanwhile quite confusing, as I often can’t always remember things from BTD as I read it as each chapter was released, which in my opinion makes it stick in your head less, and obviously they refer to the other timeline a bit. I don’t mind the actual skipping, because then both sets are there, it is the in between that gets me and I am too lazy to refer back 😛
    I always look forward to your stuff though, OH! And I would love to see more recipes 😀 xo

  58. I loved Dead Tired until they all started having sex with each other. It just couldn’t accept that and stopped reading. I loved BTD but found Meanwhile confusing. I much prefer BTD Sookie anyway. Till recently I didn’t read any AH, but there are a few very well written AH stories and ICB is one of them and I am addicted to it. I haven’t read your other AH fics yet but I probably will now because I love your work.

  59. I usually avoid AH stories but I’ll read any of yours. I loved the Infinite Series, but as someone else said, your writing has grown past that story. I’d keep reading though if you decided to write on it some more. S & S and BTD are two of my all time favorite stories and I absolutely love Alcide’s take on everything in AIW. Meanwhile is right up there with BTD. I’ve reread S & S and BTD several times and I will probably do the same with AIW and Meanwhile. I like I Can’t Believe It very much too. Young Eric is a hoot.

  60. I have read all of them. If I had to pick just one to continue it would be Bored to Death. I really enjoyed the Infinite series and liked the foursome and that particular universe, but I don’t mind following wherever your most recent muse takes you. Honestly, I am just glad you are writing and I get to read!

  61. Sanint and Sinners is my favorite. Bored to Death is a close second. I really enjoyed dead tired and all your stories.

  62. I loved all your stories except the Infinite/Dead Tired series. It didn’t disappoint me in the least when you decided to discontinue the Infinite series. I honestly could barely even get halfway through Dead Tired, let alone finish. There were several things that irked me about it but two things ultimately made me stop reading.
    First, I’m an Eric/Sookie purist, I can’t read them with other people. It just seems too out-of-character for both of them; Eric because I don’t think he would ever share Sookie, and for Sookie because her Christian upbringing is too ingrained. I can’t see her overcoming that as easily as she seemed to in Dead Tired.
    Second, Sookie’s superpowers. From the very beginning there were times when it felt like everyone else was unnecessary because Sookie could just snap her fingers or make a phone call and get whatever she wanted. As mentioned by an earlier reviewer, the powers pushed Sookie into Mary Sue-land. While your S&S Sookie has also seemed a little too perfect, Infinite Sookie’s superpowers were just too extreme to me.
    Aside from the Infinite series, I enjoy all your stories and always immediately drop everything and read each new chapter. Can’t wait for the BTD sequel, as well.

  63. doesn’t matter what you’re posting, I’m reading. I started with Saints and Sinners and went from there. I’ve read everyone and some I return to on a regular basis. You have a wonderful sense of humor and I love the different perspective in each story. I don’t care if it’s AH or what if, each is different and very satisfying reads. More of anything, I’m greedy and just get happy whenever I see an update on any story.

  64. I love all your stories. I was bummed when you decided to stop the Dead Tired series, but understood your need to move on. I’ve read all your stuff several times over and admit that I would always check to see if you added any of the other chapters that were missing from Dead Tired in some strange ninja posting.

  65. I absolutely love the Infinite Series. I’ve read it 3 times! The skipping in Bored to Death/ Meanwhile was kinda weird at first but now I get it and I see why it’s important to the story. Saints & Sinners was the very first AH fic I read and I can honestly say you are the best writer out here. I’ll read whatever you put out.

  66. My first story of yours that I read was Saints & Sinners.. OMG Freak Awesome.. I have re-read this story at least 20 times now… I was so happy to see a sequel in the works so I am hoping that Life & Death is something that you will be working on ver soon! I LOVED Board to Death and Meanwhile. The skipping diddnt bother me at all… ( I did have to re read it and then it all clicked though). I tried to get into your Infinate series, and I just couldent. I think the too may POV keep throwing me..Alcide In Wonderland cracks me up and I love seeing this story through Alcide’s eyes! It Can’t Be is another brilliant story. I had to give it a few chapters though because the first 2 almost scared me, but then when you got to the “whys” I was thinking, why did I ever doubt you!!!!! AH or Vamp/Human I dont care as long as its Sookie and Eric! heehe~

  67. I don’t think there’s a story of yours that I don’t love. You have such a great grasp of character, all of your stories draw me into the world you’ve created for each of them.

  68. I’m not big on alt POV stories – which is why I didn’t really get into the Infinite series (though it was pretty interesting), and haven’t read Alcide in Wonderland all the way through yet… but I love both your vamp fics and your AH fics – they’ve both got something fun and interesting to bring to the table!

  69. I must admit that I never really got into the Infinite Series however I am a huge fan of Saints and Sinners. It’s the story that drew me to your website and I haven’t ever looked back! I love E&S and their relationship. Its not perfect but its close and I am a total sucker for love so the virtual love at first site hooked me deep. And I am in total love with Sookies family. I am embarrassed to tell you how many times I have re-read S&S just to read something that I like (and each time I swear its like the first time!). I love BTD and Meanwhile… Though i’ve had to re-read some of the chapters in meanwhile to clear up some confusion with the skips. I like AIW, and appreciate Alc’s pov though I would really like to see the L&D story continue and find out what else is happening. I really like ICB and love the rltshp with the fam and how it continues to grow. To tell you the truth, I’ll read pretty much whatever you write because you are an amazing writer and I love your stories. I am seriously always happy when I see an update (just so you know, I am currently on vacay with my friends – halfway around the world – and I’m sneaking between tours to read your updates!) You can feel free to keep on writing and know that you have a reader in me!

  70. Hi.

    I love Dead Tired and generally agree that although the ‘skips’ allow you a lot of freedom with the characters and plot, I’m still most interested in E&S from DT. I miss Infinite, but it was getting beyond the point where it was writable/readable — I understand how hard it is to rein it in after you’ve given a character unlimited power.

    All human does nothing for me with E&S because part of the reason I like them is that they are Other. Making them human makes them kinda boring because their problems become human problems and then the solutions become human solutions and I got that in real life. I don’t get people playing Sims either.

    You write great tension and great smut and I love your version of Eric. I also love that Sookie isn’t stupid in any of your universes. I actually really dislike how immature and needy and less than bright Sookie is CH’s cannon. I don’t really know what Eric sees in her most of the time. In your worlds, they seem balanced.

    Good job. Keep on keepin on.

  71. Love pretty much everything you write.. Especially Saints & Sinners and Life & Death! I started reading the infinite series first but didn’t care for how they all ended up sleeping together- I just coudnt get into the partner swapping in that story. Maybe I’m a bit of a prude because I know a lot of others find it hot.. Oh well. You write such fantastic characters and dialogue.. I love a good love story which is probably why I’ve loved everything you wrote after it! I appreciate that you share your talent with us. I’m reading Bored to Death again… I bet I’ve read Saints &Sinners at least 5 times start to finish if not more!

  72. I wasn’t too disappointed with the Infinite Series ending — Sookie was getting too Super-Sookie and all the other characters were getting sidelined and didn’t have much to do beyond being a foil for Sookie. Especially Eric – I think I like a more bad-ass version of him. Same with Saints & Sinners (although I haven’t read AIW, I will admit). So I think I like BTD and Meanwhile best, though I do like to read canon and AH equally in the fanfic world. But it’s easy to be a critic, isn’t it? I think all your stories showcase incredible wit and the dialogue is really great. Not to mention that your imagination and commitment to writing are pretty awe-inspiring.

  73. I have to say I love all your stories, and can never get enough, I have reread them a half dozen times already and will continue to do so. You are an amazing talented writer and I look forward to your updates! Saint’s and Sinner’s, Alcide in Wonderland, Life and Death, Bored to Death, Meanwhile are my favorites, but truly, if you write it, I could classify it as a favorite, I suggest you to every one I talk to.

  74. I love all of your stories and must admit that I was really disappointed when you said you were officially discontinuing The Infinites, but I wasn’t going to complain or anything since whatever you share seems to be amazing. I actually just finished the very last chapter of Dead Tired in my latest re-read (all of your stories are on rotation as fall backs when I can’t find anything else that catches my attention) and was wondering why I couldn’t find Infinite Inbetweens…but, just went and read your new post, nevermind.

    I’m mostly a cannon/AU fan, I don’t usually go for AH so much, but there are exceptions. And all of your AH stories definitely are exceptions. I think the switching in BTD/MW is very original and interesting.

  75. Hi! Firstly i have to say i love your writing style. I usually stay away from AH stuff – it can be boring. I love the superpowers of the supernatural community! However, having said that, i had read BTD and MW (they had been specifically recommended to me) and thought since you are so creative etc that i’d give ICB a crack – glad i did. really, whatever you write, i’ll probably read now. I also recommend you to heaps of people too 🙂

  76. I read everything you write, but I especially like the way you write your AH stories. I hope you’ll do more of them.

  77. BTD was my favorite… I literally couldn’t get enough but I also loved S&S and I adore the one-shot The Dating Game and would love to see more of it!

  78. Woman, there is nothing that you have written that I don’t love, love, love! I hadn’t really been drawn to reading AH until I read your Saints and Sinners…I couldn’t put my iPhone down…was on pins and needles for the ending. Never a fan of Alcide, I have fallen for him based on your character development of him and am so hooked on Alcide in Wonderland! Life and Death? Of course we want more of that one, too. (refer back to Saints and Sinners!)….Am also loving the It Can’t Be storyline and get so excited everytime you post a new chapter. I rave on and on to my boyfriend about your work because you amaze me with all you do. When I get a chapter update, everything comes to a halt and I can be found curled up reading…Your dialogue and humor are the best. And as an added bonus, I get all the Facebook updates and they leaving me rolling….I need to open the thesaurus for more expressions of love…I enjoyed Bored to Death and am enjoying Meanwhile as well…and I also loved the Infinite series and hope to see that posted again…Oh and your banners and the photos before each chapter…priceless! So thank you for all the wonderful stories you gift us with….you rock!!!

  79. Since you are asking, I enjoy all your stories except the Infinite series. I tried, but I find all-powerful characters become tiresome usually and the partner swapping just wasn’t my thing.
    You excel at banter and humor, and this is evident in all your stories. Saints and Sinners is, hands-down, my favorite AH story in all fandom, in fact, I wouldn’t even read AH if I hadn’t tried S&S. I suppose I’ll always slightly prefer the vampire/human stories like BTD and Meanwhile, because it is the challenges inherent in such a relationship that draws me to the genre. ( I understand the allure of having Sookie become vampire, but it is a closing move in my opinion, an end to their story, rather than an exciting new beginning. That’s just me. ) Eric as a 1000 year old vampire just can’t be equaled by any human version. You come very close though. 🙂

    For a change of pace, I do like the more fragile, less super-woman Sookie of ICB, because it’s nice not to be exhausted by how amazing she is. In the same way, I probably enjoy the relationship of Eric and Sookie a bit more in Meanwhile than in BTD, (and since I really, really, like them in BTD, that is saying a lot!) because they’ve had to fight for it a bit more. I’m not an angst hound or anything, but again, it’s the challenges that make the relationship interesting.

    All in all, you’ve created a lot of wonderful stories that have given so many people a great deal of pleasure, and I can only hope you’ll continue to enjoy writing and sharing them with us. I, for one, am your grateful admirer.

  80. I started with Dead Tired and have now read everything you have on the site. If you put up your grocery list I would read it! Thank you for sharing your talent!

  81. i Love all of them ; I have re-read all of them numerous times. when ever i need an extra little kick which has been the past few weeks I re-read the Infinite Series it certainly rocks my world and makes me smile and my husband benefits most of the time from it……. when i need a good laugh i re-read Salt in the Wound. but i love all of them AH/AU… whatever you want to feed us I am sure we will Love IT you are a great writer in both worlds… And when i need to slip into a better place and imagine I am Sookie I re-read Sinner & Saints I wish i had a simple enough life with unlimited money… anyway you have my VOTE on all of them….. thanks for writing us the stories we CRAVE and LOVE Kristie

  82. I have read all of your stories except ICB. Not sure why,but I guess I got the feeling it was angsty from the reviews. I hate angst, I guess I’m too sensitive to it LOL. I love my happy endings…Also, I’m not finished reading Meanwhile but so far I love it. I adore, Saints and Sinners, I loved Infinite until Eric cheated on Sookie with Pam. I didn’t mind them all sleeping together after when they made the rules. Just the cheating that got to me. I LOVE Alcide in Wonderland. I ADORE Bored to Death, but at first introducing Hunter didn’t do it for me just because their relationship is so new now they won’t have time for just them anymore with all the work they have to do, plus add a child in there…well you know how much time and energy that takes. I was just feeling selfish and wanted it to be just them together. And I can’t wait for Life and Death, I’m sure it will be just as great as S & S!
    I think you are very talented and have a fantastic imagination and I thank you for letting us read your great work. Hope to see new stories soon 🙂

  83. I LOVE Bored to Death and Meanwhile and am very impressed how you keep up with them since they interact (very cool!). I generally don’t read All Human stories but made the exception for Saints and Sinners and was glad that I did! Just know that your’s is the only AH story that I like! Please keep up the awesome work, and if you are not already writing your own stories, you should. I love your detail and dialogue, too funny! I also love your intricate plot lines and am seriously impressed.

  84. I’ve said it before – I’ll read anything you write! I was somewhat disappointed when you shelve the Infinite Series, bur I don’t know how you keep going with so many diferent stories considering the amount of detail, humor, action, etc., etc., etc. that you put into each one, so I understand.

    Thanks for doing what you do!

  85. I started reading your fan fiction with Saints and Sinners at fanfiction.net and started following you here after that. I also love Bored to Death, Meanwhile, and Alcide in Wonderland. I think what I like most about the majority of your stories is that they are in Eric’s POV and you do a great job of staying true to his main character traits. I’m pretty sure I like your writing better than the original books because stubborn Sookie pisses me off at times and sometimes I think Eric should just leave her.

    I think the ‘skipping’ in the two stories were a nice change of pace because I think it’s interesting to watch the different Eric and Sookie’s interact. I do wish you would of had True Blood’s Godric since I loved that character, but I’m pretty sure I remember reading a comment from you that you didn’t like him. I know I’m being greedy now…

    I’m so addicted to your stories that if you happen to update while I’m at work, I stop working and read the new chapter. Can’t wait to see what stories you come up with in the future.

  86. I love all of the stories I have rad of yours. I don’t mind the skipping, really, although if I am not really paying attention I can sometimes get confused! I usually lean towards stories that aren’t AH, but I LOVE It Can’t Be…really I love everything you write though!!! I LOVE LOVE LOVE the Infinite Series and am really sad that it is being put on hold indefinitely…or is it :)…hmmmmmm…I wonder :)!!!

  87. In general, I definitely prefer the vampire vesions over the AH stories even though I love S&S. You’re a great story teller and I’ve enjoyed almost all you’ve written. For whatever reason, I just couldn’t “get into” Infinite. I experienced some hesitation with S&S but the rest of the story made up for the too perfect/too accomplished characters in Sookie’s family. My favorite story has been Bored to Death. The beginning of S&S with E&S’s meeting/”engagement” was very enjoyable too.
    Per “Life & Death,” I tend to lose interest in stories once they go down the “E&S make a baby” route. Part of it is my age (50s, kids are grown etc) and part of it is that the stories tend to become very predictable. I find this almost regardless of the fanfiction author. However, I also realize that probably most of your readers in younger than me and so they like the baby-story lines. Just not my thing.

  88. I have read all of your stories. I love them all but of course I do have fovorites. I have to say that I loved the infinate series the best and was reall bummed that you were stopping it. I liked a very confident Sookie. It made me try to think of the reasons why she changed. I did not feel you had to explaine it to me. I would have loved to see the boys being born and the ramifications of Claude taking the crown. I love the friendship between Eric and Alciede.
    I don’t usually care for the AH stories but I loved Saints and Sinners. The plot was clever and I love how you smartend up the Stackhouses.
    In the Board to Death and Meanwhile I loved them too. The first skip kinda threw me for a loop but after I read it the second time it really clicked with me. Then you started Meanwhile and you had me hooked.
    I will read anything you write because you do it so well and it gives me great pleasure.

  89. I love all your stories I was sad to see the “ifinite” series dropped. Right now I would have to say that I have two favorites Meanwhile and It can’t be as far as the skipping I think it makes the story interesting I like it when the 2 Sookie’s and Eric’s get together for a pow wow. I also enjoy the AH stories I like the variety keep doin what your doin your AWESOME.

  90. I love and read them all. I have to say that the S&S series are my favorites, I just love them so much I’ve read them all at least 4 times. Once I read S&S together with AIW just to get the different POV’s on each chapter – but I find I like reading them separately better – keeps the voices straight in my head… oh that sounds really creepy, lol. I’m dying to see how things work out for Alc and Had and L&D is going to be one hell of a story when you get going on that one again, Christmas is going to be INSANE. ICB, BTD and Meanwhile come in a close second – I can’t choose between them because uh… you can’t make me so nerrrr *sticks out tongue*
    Of all of them the Infinite series was my least favourite. It’s completely worth reading, but because of the partner swapping it’s not one that i read often – I’m not so open to that side of it.
    You’re a really great writer and as long as whatever you’re writing makes you happy you can be sure you’ll have an audience for it.

  91. Never touched AH until Saints and Sinners. I figured there’s no point without vampires. But if I like your other stuff, maybe I’d like that story, too. And now it’s in my top three.

  92. I miss the infinite series. It’s what originally started me reading your fanfics.

    The skipping threw me off and still does a bit, but I’m getting used to it.

    As for AH, I used to run away from them, however when I run across a well written one like yours are, I get completely drawn in.

  93. I to love your stories S&S was the first i read followed very quickly by BTD and all the others. Any story that makes Bill out to be a dick is fine by me and i love how you portray him, i don’t like book Bill and i can’t stand TB Bill (something about the way he holds his mouth when giving Sookie blood – think maenard – just makes my stomach hurl!) I am looking forward to more Alcide – just love that man – while the skips threw me at first i am now liking them and am currently re-reading BTD. I am in awe of all writers of fan fict your imagination just amazes me. Keep up the amazing writing and look forward to the next post.

  94. Can’t wait for sequel to Bored To Death. Love Meanwhile and the “skipping”. You never know what to expect 🙂

  95. I read everything but the Inifinite series, usually I hate AH stories, but yours I just love. So much so I even nagged the hell out of a friend who usually hates them, to read them. (She loves them too, and is impatiently waitng for an update to AIW… just sayin’)
    I couldn’t choose a favourite out of all of them, I just love them too much.
    The only thing that pushes your BTD and Meanwhile out in front is the fact I can’t resist Vamp!Eric.

  96. All your stories rock! I’m glad to see that I’m not the only one who rereads stories. I thought I was weird. Not so much anymore. I love Eric and Sookie stories,period. A/H or V/H as long as it’s Eric and Sookie it’s all good. I don’t think I can choose one favorite though, I suppose right now it’s ICB, but I read them all and would be sad to see any of them go.Thank you for all you do.

  97. I love your writing. I try to read everything that you put out here. I could not get into IT can’t be. I was extremebly disappointed that you cancelled the infinite series. I wanted to see what you did to the groom’s father to torture him. The Initie series would be my favorite. I read it twice but also loved all the other onse too except It can’t be.

  98. I love your stories….. i am not sure which one it was but i LOVED LOVED LOVED the story with Eric, Sookie, Pam and Alicide it was fuck hot! only reason i’ve not re read it- (let me tell you i want too) as it’s not finished… i am gasping, dying to know how it all pans out…

    I write myself…. my first story Dead and Back again will win no prizes for literature, but it was a training ground, a foundation if you like for my next works…i am equally proud over all my stories…. i don’t think i’d go back and change the first one with all it’s mistakes, horrific typo’s and cringe worthy cheese in some area’s – Why?

    Beacuse, it’s honest. With dyslexia i wasn’t born a writer, no one is. The point i am trying to make is your first works, you shouldn’t look back at them and see the mistakes, you should look back at them and see your triumphs…it was those very stories that hooked us in the first place to your style of writing and you kept us enthralled ever since ~ they need no extra reworking, just your love.

  99. Saints and Sinners was my first read out of all your writings. I loved it and I thought you are awesome for writing it. I went on to reading all your stories, but I never could get hooked on the Infinite series, or Dead Tired. I love the Eric voice in S&S, and I adore Alcide in AiWL – I think the AH perspective is awesome. Yet, somehow I can’t feel as captivated by ICB – perhaps because, although I should relate A LOT, I find myself not being able to (Eric andSookie as architects does not make them endearing to me, as I am one, and I know too many of them to begin with. We are not nice people: selfish, self-important, righteous and quite boring in mixed company – think more Ted Mosby and less Norse God… but that might be the bias talking).
    The one-shots are really good, and I re-read hem between chapter updates, and I also very much enjoyed Bored to Death. Meanwhile is a tasty bonus, but what it also does for me is, now that BtD got its HEA, I don’t necessarily want one for the Meanwhile crowd.

    I hope this doesn’t come across like I’m a fussy reader, but I think I got spoiled with S&S – it’s got the right mix of horrid and perfection, humor and violence, sex and schmoopiness – and for me nothing less will do now.
    On another note, Angela, you are amazing. I hope you keep writing whatever tickles your fancy and I will continue reading it and enjoying it greatly.

  100. I’d like a sequel to “Bored to Death”! This story had me laughing out loud, I especially like Eric’s inner monologue. Keep up the good work

  101. I will read anything you write because you are just so amazing, AH or not I don’t have a preferance. I’m up to date on everything except the Infinite series and that is purely because I know I’ll get hooked and right in the middle of my exam period I know I’ll start abbandoning my revision in favor of reading ‘just one more chapter’.
    My all time favourites have to be Saints and Sinners and Bored to Death, i’ve read both many times over.
    Thank you so much for all of your stories, you are such a brilliant writer 🙂 I especially love the banter between the characters.
    Thanks again, Katy x

  102. while i wasnt the biggest fan of the dynamics in the Infinite series, by no means do i think you shouldnt see your vision through…its your fucking vision! Plus, i’d like to see what else comes of the entanglements.

    I’ve loved the BTD and Meanwhile storylines, and well as S&S (Alcide’s didnt capture me as well, but has been interesting too.) I’m comfortably into It Cant Be just for its sheer complex simplicity and enjoy the updates. the one-shots have been fun too, I especially loved Where you Keep them, nicely done…

    my .02

  103. I was sad you axed the Infinite series but thats your call. Skips don’t bother me that much it does help the story move along. My favs have always been S&S and AIW plus BTD. Would love for you to pick up the S&S sequel and absolutely would LOVE a Bored to Death sequel. As for AH or AU, I love it all!

  104. So as I said I would I went back and read Saints and sinners and Alcide in wonderland. All of your stories are awesome! I really want more of both. I wish there was more to read now.. I would say don’t do anything with the infinite and write more of everything else. I don’t think you can write anything bad.

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