Alc is back and tipping the scales!

Nearly 20,000 words y’all!

This chap is a doozy…

A quick note for those of you who haven’t ever had a Dego lovingly guide you through Italian-American slang…

  • Agita- (AH ji dah) stomach irritation or stress… or stress induced stomach irritation.
  • Pishado- (PEE shah doo) slang for a toilet


The lovely ladies that took time out of their busy weekend to cross my Is and dot my Ts ;)…

  • Tinacre
  • AlisonByNumbers
  • HW2K
  • BroughPS
  • Bev

Thanks again, Ladies!


Alcide In Wonderland

Chapter 24: Broken To Pieces

Happy reading…


5 thoughts on “Alc is back and tipping the scales!

  1. Great chapter! I was so excited when I got it in my inbox and it didn’t disappoint. Loved the progression with Had/Alc and the conversation with Corbett and Alc. I thought Had’s TLC at the end was perfect.

    I can’t wait to see in Alc’s mind when Ame shows up.

  2. Thank you! I’ve been impatiently waiting for more Alc! I LOVED his convo with Corbett about Hadley. I can’t wait for more of this one to see how Alc and Had progress and their kids reactions especially Hunter!

  3. Thank you so much for the language lesson! I thought I was losing it at first, lol. Once again, I ADORE Alc setting Sookie straight about how she ‘copes’ I think it was needed, and well done, and I just want to roll myself in it,

  4. I would be remiss if I didn’t do a happy dance in writing about this awesome chapter! You are the bomb!

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