New ICB Chapter. Joxx. Calm down ;)

To clarify: the ‘deal’ was that if the other chapters got 100 comments, I’d post chapter 11 early. I wasn’t holding the chapter hostage or anything. 😀

It Can’t Be

Chapter 11: Kith & Kin

This chapter is back to the original format. Flashback, followed by story. As you were.

**more tomorrow


Enjoy & play nice

3 thoughts on “New ICB Chapter. Joxx. Calm down ;)

  1. Another great chapter…you just can’t write a bad one! Your ability to write descriptive chapters is just incredible. I feel like I actually know these people…even those I wish I didn’t! Thanks for sharing, and so fast!!! Looking forward to Eric, Sookie and Eric continuing to redefine their lives. Thanks again.

  2. Thanks….. 🙂 Always a pleasure seeing new posts….although I was wondering if you’ll be posting chapter 12 today as well?….just wondering if I’ll get a double dose of ICB…the latest crack of choice 🙂

  3. I thought you might find this interesting:

    New York by Gehry’s shiny facade has apparently caused another fire in NY.

    For some reason, my blackberry is acting up and won’t let me link, but a quick ‘Gehry fire NY’ will do the trick.

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