4 Chapter is one weekend…

Now I’m going to take a break and try to get some work done on my other stories that’ve been backing up on me while the ICB muse has been all kinds of SWF on me…

I’m glad there hasn’t been many complaints though. It’s just that AIW and M need some loving too…

ICB might not cooperate. It might still pirate my brains (what little bit are left after being licked, anyway)

But… as I type, AIW & M are my intentions for the week.

Pray for me?


It Can’t Be

Chapter 12: Old Friends

6 thoughts on “4 Chapter is one weekend…

  1. Well, you jinxed yourself. Either that horrible thing called real life is going to rear it’s ugly head or ICB will be like bitch I ain’t done with you yet, and barely any AIW or M will be written. It’s all good a story update no matter which story is always a happy occassion.

  2. You will hear no complaints from me… I love to witness when you muse takes over. It happened at the beginning of BTD too. It is fascinating to watch. As always… I so appreciate it all!!!

  3. Hey I want some resolution of your short stories too!! AIW has also been lacking. You are a F******G great author that had a baby so I really shouldn’t be able to bitch. But please take care of me too. You short stories which I love need some more resolution. \\

    I am always still here

  4. Hello

    I found your website a few days ago after reading “Bored to death” on fanfiction. And now…I THINK I´M ADDICTED to your awesome story-writing. I have to admit: I WANT TO READ THEM ALL!
    Thank you very much for sharing your talent with us all…I can´t wait to read more of yours!

    Hi from Germany

    P.S.: Are you planning to continue “Meanwhile” the next time? That would be just GREAT!!!!

  5. I have been down on my knees praying for your muse to help you in this time. It may be wrong, but I figure praying is always good.

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