New Meanwhile

So… I’m choking on an epic fail this weekend…

My goal was to finish AIW*20 and post it today…

You guys are being awesome/patient/understanding and i promise you’ll be getting that chapter a.s.a.p…

But I do have a little something to offer…

Weighing at over 9,700 words, setting a Meanwhile record…

Chapter 8: Paint It Red

11 thoughts on “New Meanwhile

  1. Eek and squee! Yay new meanwhile! Oh, that pic ain’t so bad either, I guess! We are going to keep on being patient and love anything you grace us with.

  2. Oh my gosh!! I was just thinking about you not more than 2 hours ago. I was bemoaning the fact of no new anything. “Wonder if she’s gonna post soon. Probably not. What with the newborn and all. Stupid baby.” *sniff, sniff* Because, of course, you know…my needs are much more important than your child. 😉 So, I’m off to read now. Big kisses and thanks!!! MWAH. MWAH.

  3. I don’t have a problem – considering you are providing a gift, we should not be complaining at all. And, with that chest-porn, I had major problems reading what you had written in your post.

  4. Since I was happy reading recipes for S&S, you could probably post you grocery list I I would be entertained. You are not an epic fail… you are an epic success to all us that love reading stories. *thanks and hugs*

  5. I’m greatful for any update. I’m really liking Meanwhile and so I did a little chair dance when I read it last night. Ended up putting me to bed late, but as the hubby was on my last nerve that worked out as he was asleep before I came in. See your update helped saved me from having a stupid arguement.

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