AIW Teaser, as promised…

Viva la *Teaser Monday*

So… I know that AIW has been in a holding pattern for just under a month…

Thank you for being so patient while my Alc mojo went on sabbatical…

Part of the problem is that chapter 20 of S&S is nearly 15,000 words long… so the AIW is a bit of an undertaking since it’s starting to look like it’ll be just as long…

The other part of the problem for me… It’s hard as fuck to write flirting when I’m in the mood to kill any/every man that crosses my path due pregnancy hormones.

Ok… now that I’m done trying to make excuses for leaving you AIW readers hanging…

Here is the teaser I promised.

Unbetaed though…


We pulled into Corbett’s driveway right behind Rotten (and only 7 minutes late) and the boys were trying to take off before the truck stopped.
“Hang on. Act like y’all have some sense… Had, rules of the house?”
She hummed while she thought about it and then turned around to put her face between the seats. “Stay out of the garage unless there’s an adult with you because of all the tools. Once the food starts getting put out, y’all can pick as long as you ask one of the men about what you’re taking because some of it will look normal but be spicy enough to light you up… Don’t let Hunter get you into trouble… I think that’s it. You guys will do fine.”
Jack tilted his head a little. “That’s it? None of the rooms are off limits or anything?”
“Nope. I mean, always knock first if the door is closed, but there’s no ‘chamber of secrets‘ or anything. Just be careful in Daddy’s study.  He’s not one for collectibles and what he’s held onto isn’t worth much except to family.”
“Like what?”
“Ummmmm, like there is a splinter of wood on one of his bookshelves that looks like charcoal. It’s from the first fire Jason worked. There’s a paper mache fish on his wall that Tara made for him for back when she was in fourth grade for Father’s Day. There’s a deck of cards that Sookie made for him for Christmas when she was 5. She used pictures of him on the kings and drew everything else. And… There’s a little clay mug on his desk. It’s the only dish that didn’t break when his grandparents came over from Ireland. It looks empty, but Grampa always said it’s full of hope.” Wow. Sentimental mother fucker was a master at faking ‘hard ass’. I liked Corbett even more all of a sudden.

Both of the boys smiled at her and gave her a nod so I hit the button to unlock their doors. They didn’t get far though.
They were headed off by a guy about Corbett’s age. About 6 feet tall and had enough meat on him to make me realize the football game wasn’t going to be a gimmie.
The boys stopped dead in their tracks in front of him. He was smiling and wearing jeans and a T, but I’m pretty sure that it was his parade rest that got their attention.
“You men are the Herveauxs, yeah? Jackson and Carmichael?”
They looked at each other and then nodded and Had gave me a wink.
“I’ve been sent to negotiate.”
Carm bit. Surprise, surprise. “Negotiate what?”
“A group rate. We’ve been briefed on the new cussing tax. My partners and I think we’ll all have more fun this afternoon if you don’t have to keep an eye on us.”
“Lemme hear your perposal.” It was hard enough to keep a straight face without the ‘isn’t he adorable’ look Had shot in my direction, so I whispered that I still wasn’t taking offers, even if Carm would be willing to ‘hear her perposal’.
“My associates and I propose a flat rate for the duration of the party. From the time we reach our accord until 1900 hours this evening. The agreement would encompass any language that would fall under the category of ‘game talk’ or ‘talking smack’. The parties included would be Corbett, Dermott, Terry and myself (I’m Bravo, by the way) which would allow for additional taxing of peripheral parties in attendance.”
The boys seemed shocked but whispered back and forth for a minute… And then went to Had for more whispering.
Finally, Carm piped up, “$200.” I wanted to slap the greedy little turd, but Had shushed me as soon as my mouth was open to argue with him.
Bravo reached into his pocket and handed over a wad of bills. “Pleasure doing business with you boys. Hunter’s around back eating all of the snacks.”
Jack went to take off, but Carm stood there long enough to count the cash before shoving it into his pocket and shaking Bravo’s hand.


40 thoughts on “AIW Teaser, as promised…

  1. *chortle* Awwww Carm, I missed him so much!! Sorry for the lack of mojo, but we’ll be patient and love you just the same 😀

  2. OMG carm is soooooooo adorable, when my toddlers try to make a deal its never that easy though hmmmmmm where am i going wrong lol. Thanks for the teaser and we dont mind waiting for the quality writing you do.

  3. I have to say I LOVE all your stories you write. There are some funny FF’s out there, but yours are the only ones that I literally Laugh Out Loud at… I look like a nut. Keep it Up! 😀

  4. You’re mojo will come crawling back –it’s been on the town for too long….

    Loved Carm –that boy will be the next Trump –hopefully,with better hair….. Alc better be good to him –that boy will have the bucks to take care of his ass in style when he gets old and saggy 🙂 No run down apartment eating dog food for him!


  5. I agree with the consensus that Carm is too cute for words. Not to mention wanting to give Bravo a big ol’ hug for negotiating a deal on the cuss tax. How precious is it that all “daddy’s” important treasures came from his kids. What a good man.

  6. oh my god……I don’t think I can hold out any longer……..this falls under the ‘gimme, gimme, gimme’ category of ‘Desperate-AIW-fanwhore’…..I’m sooooooooooo looking forward to the chapter……omg, I’ll be checking every 5 minutes for the rest of the night praying that you bypass a beta’d version and just gimme, gimme, gimme….lol…

  7. Carm is way too cute, I cant wait for my little guy to start talking lol, hopefully your hormones will calm down (i remember those days) but most likely wont calm till your little one is here lol.
    Hope everything goes well!!!

  8. I have so been waiting for this, and can’t wait for the rest. Carm, too cute no wonder Had wants to trade, I may be making an offer. Thanks for the teaser.

  9. If you have someone you trust to watch Vaughn for an hour or two, take a long hot shower and use scented everything and shave. Then take yourself out for a hot stone manicure or massage or something equally indulgent. Remind yourself how it feels to be a woman, not just a tired new Mommy. And see if the mojo decides it’s OK to come back! (My In-laws thought I was crazy when the first time someone offered to babysit my newborn I went to the corner nail place and had a pedicure – BRIGHT red. But the lady who did my nails totally understood, and didn’t seem to mind when I fell asleep in the chair lol) As the mother of a very active 3-year-old, I highly recommend doing this at least once a month!

  10. I’ve been working my tale off lately so I haven’t had time to comment or anything, barely even have time to read!!! Conrats on your healthy baby boy and I’m so happy he stayed until he was cooked!!! I can’t wait for more….

  11. OMG, I’ve missed the little wheeler-dealer Carm! Bravo negotiating a cuss tax had me laughing out loud! I’m sorry your mojo’s been MIA, but hopefully it will be back soon. We will be hear waiting patiently. Take care of yourself, too! I’m sorry your pregnancy hormones are hanging on and raging at that. I wish I had some advice for you, but I’m a cardiac nurse and don’t know nothin’ about birthin’ no babies, LOL!

  12. You … are simply a doll. But I can’t decide if you’re Chuckie or Baby Tender Love … lol

    How can you not love anyone in the above scene? Bravo, talking to the boys like they are adults and worthy of respect. Hadley, giving the boys the guidelines and letting slip just how sentimental Daddy is. Alcide, sitting back and letting his boys be men. Jackson and Carmichael, negotiating and thinking things out before making a decision.

    And I love that this isn’t a scene we’ve seen from anyone else’s view point.

    I can’t wait for more. That tease was worth it. I can’t believe you still have time to write and post while now being a mom to six kids, one of whom is 3 WEEKS OLD. I wish I had your stamina and passion. Maybe if I keep reading, it will rub off. Thank you!

  13. i absolutely loved saints and sinners but admit that i didnt pick up on how slack pam was and how much alcide despised her ….reading from this pov gives new insight into the characters and i think its positively brilliant. i love the boys and enjoy seeing alcide, had and the others … think i’ll have to read s&s again with my alt insight
    xoxo ety

  14. I didn’t realize how much I’ve been missing this story until now. Thank you so much for the teaser. I remember those pregnancy hormones. I used to cry at the drop of a hat over nothin’ right after my babies were born.

  15. A million thanks for the teaser,but why the apologize? Come on,I think you’re a little hard on yourself,I don’t think any of your readers would be mad at you giving the circumstances,with the lil’ baby and your muse fucking you up….I mean,you usually update with a great generosity,so we can’t complain….AND then you dropped the bomb,new chapter of S&S coming! YOU ROCK!!!!!!!

  16. He’s just tooooo adorable, LOL! Sorry to hear you’re not really in the flirtin’ mood, having had my baby girl 7 1/2 months ago, I can totally relate but I assure you, it does get better and soon enough you’ll be banging out the Alc/Had sexual tension like nobody’s business!!

  17. Thanks so much for the teaser…it definitely was that, now I’m really ready for Alc and family!! Don’t fret too much over MEN. Sometimes you just gotta’ hate ’em to make them appreciate you when you love them!

  18. oh what a teaser that was… i cant wait for more. good luck finding some ‘you time’ with the new bundle of joy 🙂

  19. Go to the drug store and get some Estroven OTC supplement for your hormones and remember that everybody here has other things they SHOULD be doing even if we’d RATHER be reading a new AIW chappy. Be selfish and tickle your baby to enjoy his giggles instead 🙂 Believe me, sooner than you think he’ll be a 6 foot tall 16 year old football player who only talks to you if you text or email him unless you log on to his online game. It goes by VERY fast.

    • Tell me about it… My 13 and 12 year olds already do that to me!
      They still call me ‘Mommy’ and i get a hug every night before bed and whenever they leave to ‘study’ with a girl.

  20. LOL! This is hilarious. I have missed this so much, I just love those boys! I especially love Carm counting the cash. I truly can’t wait for more. I don’t know how you do it..all your stories are amazing.

  21. Love it Love it Love it. I have to admit I went through an S&S reread the other week and am getting ready to reread what’s posted for AIW.

  22. Thank you so much for the teaser! I don’t know how you do it but your stories are full on Technicolor! Knowing what some of the main characters look like helps of course, but I can also almost smell the flowers, hear the birds and feel the sunshine on my skin! Now I’ve never been to Lousiana (or even the States for that matter, but I’m hoping to) so the pinetrees and daisies in Corbetts garden in my mind will probably be completely wrong but hey, I can see the flagstones leading from the drive going past the house, can smell the charcoal and hear the laughter and it brightens up my day every time I read your stories so THANK YOU!


  23. I’m going with Delacroix here. Take your time and suck up the baby love. I’ve said before, I don’t know how you do it. I only have one 14 year old girl, and I don’t have time to make beds in the morning, let alone all you manage to do. (and yes, the most common form on communication between us is via text. Even when she’s in her room being all 14 year old girl broody and I’m in the living room being all 34 year old broody: boy worries, both of us, but for different reasons…My very good friend has a 16 year old boy who told me once that it’s different with boys and girls. Girls you worry about coming home pregnant…boys you worry about bailing out of jail. That’s always stuck with me. Anyhow…) I bow to you in full on “we’re not worthy” format. I think, based on things you’ve referenced, that we’re around the same age…which seems to be where you put Hadley…and I TRY to imagine my life with an addition 5 kids, and I just. can’t. dew. eet.

    So yes. Take your time. Cuddle the baby. We aren’t going anywhere. Pinky promise.

  24. Love this teaser! I love getting more insight into Jack and Carm. So… do you think if AIW isn’t up by this coming Monday we’ll get another teaser? (Fingers crossed hopefully!)

    You write great stuff! Thank you for that.


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