Lost and Found


AIW Mojo… if you find it, please tell it to get the fuck back to where it belongs. As it is, I’m working on it, but I’m lucky to manage a couple hundred words a day…


Meanwhile… New chapter… 😀 Hope you enjoy.

Chapter 6: Burned

8 thoughts on “Lost and Found

  1. Angela I’m sending you happy thoughts. Hopefully you’ll find your muse again. I love the personalities that you give your characters. Good luck. Kiss the baby.

  2. As much as I look forward to the next chapter of AIW, I’d much rather read what you feel inspired to write. I’m *really* enjoying Meanwhile and will take new chapters any time you are willing to give them.

    I hope you are getting rest with the new baby. I appreciate each new chapter you write.

  3. Thanks for the new chapter!

    Maybe if you update your tumblr bio and acknowledge Vaughan as 6 he may release your Mojo for AIW. He probably didn’t like your comment that you might nickname him Yoko and would rather be known as Six. He has been your silent partner for writing AIW and now wants to voice his opinion… and receive the credit he is due. Good luck with the negotiations.

  4. Love mac’s comment, above! Just don’t go for the Start Trek reference, making him Six of Nine. LOL!

    I’m with FaninAL, I’d rather read what you’re inspired to write. Don’t force it. You know we are happy with whatever you’re posting!

  5. I’m sure your muse will come back to you eventually, don’t force it. All your stories are just really great and look forward to any updates that come our way. Hope you are getting a lot of rest!

  6. You silly goose your Muse or Mojo was Vaughn, and now you have to reconnect with yourself, happens to ever new mother one way or another. Anyway we will be waiting patienttly for your Mojo’s return, you are a great writer

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