A New Meanwhile…


Most of you assholes ate like pigs and went shopping over the long weekend.

I have no appetite and can barely walk… so guess what I’ve been doing?

That’s right…


I know that a lot of you folks are waiting for AIW… and i know that a bunch of you want/dread the last chapter of BTD…

But tonight, I’m offering Meanwhile instead.

Chapter 2: How Do You Get To Carnegie Hall?

6 thoughts on “A New Meanwhile…

  1. Assholes! Someone’s end stage pregnancy is making her a bit cranky 🙂 You seem rather miserable….I know that will end soon for you and the sleepless nights will begin again…..
    But int he meantime, we enjoy you writing and your bitchiness –it adds “bite” to your writing!

    Take care sweets!

  2. Oh,yeah,I´m an asshole!!! 😉
    BUT in my defense,I´ve the same lack of sleep you´ll have soon,thanks to my baby boy.So,yeah,I can walk and feed,but barely sleeping four hours is making a real bitch of me.We´re even.
    Thanks for posting,you´re the best.

  3. Thank the lord I follow your tumblr because I didn’t get an alert yet 🙂

    Love, your ever devoted British Asshole 🙂

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