Don’t Hate Me… New Chapters

I know, I know…
I promised to get back to work on my neglected stories and I have been…
But far be it from me to look a gift muse is the mouth. Right?
Yes, Dead Tired’s Alts are still moving along (just slowly)…
Yes, Dead Sexy 10 is open and getting closer to being done…
Yes, Life & Death 4 is in the works (coming soon)
The Dating Game isn’t really an ongoing story as much as a collection of scattered fluff. So officially, I’m not building new chaps for it at the moment, but there is always hope…
But there is good news…
Not only are there new chapters, but they’re not shorties…
Alcide In Wonderland
Chapter 8: Oh My Ears And Whiskers, How Late It’s Getting
Bored To Death
Chapter 20: Let It Be
New fan art (eye candy) provided by the lovely and talented @Carolinagirl96a…
(She works for egg rolls)
@Carolinagirl96a and @Onesickmick were my beta ninjas
Many thanks and much love to them both!

4 thoughts on “Don’t Hate Me… New Chapters

  1. Yes I like your other stories and would like to see you post updates on them but I’m really just an Ericizmine whore. No matter how you give it to me I love it.

  2. Oh, I love your pie chart. I do believe that is the most accurate representation of the two categories. Oh, and thank-you for the new chapters – I’m going to go read them now.

  3. Hate? Are you kidding me??? Every alert I ever get from Ericizmine makes me SO happy! I love all of your stories; I know that ‘disappointed’ has never been anything I have ever felt with regard to you, your site, or your writing!

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