5 thoughts on “Poor Alc…

  1. Alcide most definitely deserves happiness. But I think it was his naked ass on Sunday that inspired you. hahaha Joe is Alcide! And he is HOT!

    I so enjoy anything you write! You are a master!

  2. Then you have something to look forward to!!!

    I meant to say that Joe does a great job as Alcide – it was great casting for sure.

    • I have been stalking your page for months now and I always phail to review anything. Well S&S was freaking fan-fucking-tastic. I read it on FF before I found your WP. Then I started reading DT and OMG I luffs it. I can’t wait for you to post the inbetween chapters I feel like I am missing something very important without those other POVs.

      As for your Strictly Alcide POV of S&S its totally funny as hell. I love those private moments between that whore amelia and alcide when he just rips her a new ass. Thanks for sharing your talent with us all patiently awaiting your next round of updates.

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