Ding Dong… Alcide Calling

Hey there!
Sadly, my company has returned home… @Carolinagirl96a is home again and I missed her before she cleared the state line. *sniffle*
…So, back to my laptop to get my stories taken care of…
This time around your getting
Alcide In Wonderland
Chapter 6: Simply Impassable
As ever, I’m anxious to read your thoughts…
Hope you enjoy…

One thought on “Ding Dong… Alcide Calling

  1. Yayyy, not about you being sad about your friend being gone, but yayyyy a new chapter. I have been going insane out here with boredom waiting for something good to read. I read saints and sinners AGAIN for like the fourth time and then I reread Dead Tired and Dead Sexy. So I will admit I am glad for the new materiel. Talk with you soon chica.

    Much love from the west coast,


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