More Alcide Goodness…

Alcide In Wonderland

Chapter 5: If You Don’t Think Then You Shouldn’t Speak


I promise that I’m still working on the other stories…

But in the meantime…

Not only do I owe a lot of you a ‘thank you‘ for your  birthday wishes…

Soooo sweet!!!

But @carolinagirl96a has made some new fan art for Alc….

Lots of love to you all…

As always, i love to hear what you think…


5 thoughts on “More Alcide Goodness…

  1. Thanks for the relief. I just started the umpteenth reading of DT again. I should be working on my own story. Later…

  2. oh, whew! I thought it was just me that had to keep rereading your fabulousness while postponing my own work. Oh happy morning – this news is better than caffeine.

  3. ThankyouThankyouThankyou. Your index is my Go To page… Yeah me too… I’m a member of the multiple read club. Uh…my husband too… I read, he listens (S&S is his favorite… so, he sings and (sometimes) plays guitar whenever song titles are mentioned… sort of an interactive interpretation of your work). Since we joined the club on the family plan… thanks from both of us.


  4. As much as I love Alex as Eric, Joe as Alcide is truly spot-on casting! The only quibble I have is I wish his beard was a little more trimmed…but otherwise, DAYUM! I can’t help but drool over that boy!

  5. I have read everything you wrote. I can’t get enough. You should write a book. Its the best I have read ever.

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