Are you… Bored?

Just because I’ve been concentrating on my other stories doesn’t mean that I’m ignoring Bored To Death…

A very special thanks to @Mavrosal…

Her boredom inspired her to create some beautiful fan art…


Bored To Death

Chapter 19: Home Again

Please review…

P.S. Even though I have company, I am still working… more chapters coming soon.

6 thoughts on “Are you… Bored?

  1. You are wicked – lets see 1: Let dinner burn 2: Read new chapter. Do I smell smoke…Thanks for the update. Cannot wait to read it!

  2. I´m trying to ignore my brats to read.A difficult task,but I can´t wait for their nap to start reading.I´m telling them is your fault,but they just don´t underdstand….

  3. I can’t believe this was only 5 days ago, and the Alcide update was only 3 days ago. Time is going so slowly, it seems like weeks already.

    I can’t reread your stories any more times. I can speak the words along with reading them, and it’s starting not to be fun. I dream of making them into a script, so we don’t have to watch Alan Ball murder SVM any longer. I dream of a fiction site filled with your works, that never run out of new chapters.

    I am not only addicted, but becoming crazed. New chapters are the only cure.

    So I’m nuts. We all are in some ways. at least I’m writing a new story with some of my spare, waiting, time.

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