Saints & Sinners Update!

Another ugly post…
But thanks to the fanart stylings and charitable work of Carolinagirl96a, I’m here to let you know that
Saints & Sinners is getting an outtake!
‘Clicked’ is a bonus chapter covering Eric & Sookie’s trip to St. Louis to meet Rachael & Lexi…
Hope you enjoy!
Yes, indeedy, there is a new chapter of Life & Death in your future… Finally
Side note: anytime a link doesn’t work for you, the top right of the screen over the Eric picture says
Choose index»your story of choice»the chapter you’re looking for…

3 thoughts on “Saints & Sinners Update!

    • loved the outtake hope you do more. can’t wait for more of life and death. S and S is one of my very favorite fanfics. you are a fantastic writer i have told you many times before i read everything you write. love your style. thanks for always writing E

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