Hey Little Girl… Want Some Candy???

Update time…

As promised, I’ve been concentrating on my neglected stories…

I hope that I can trust you to not overdose (just remember, they won’t let you have any in rehab)

The ‘special project’ I’ve been working on is connected to Saints & Sinners…

I’m offering Alc’s perspective of his new life in Bon Temps and his host family

Let me know if you like it enough that you think I should continue…


Alcide In Wonderland

Chapter 1: Off With Her Head


Alcide In Wonderland

Chapter 2: Curiouser and Curiouser


And since you’ve all been so patient (well, most of you)…

Life & Death

Chapter 3: Abuse Of Power

Saints & Sinners Update!

Another ugly post…
But thanks to the fanart stylings and charitable work of Carolinagirl96a, I’m here to let you know that
Saints & Sinners is getting an outtake!
‘Clicked’ is a bonus chapter covering Eric & Sookie’s trip to St. Louis to meet Rachael & Lexi…
Hope you enjoy!
Yes, indeedy, there is a new chapter of Life & Death in your future… Finally
Side note: anytime a link doesn’t work for you, the top right of the screen over the Eric picture says
Choose index»your story of choice»the chapter you’re looking for…

Bored To Death: New Hotness!

Ok…. CarolinGirl96 rocked my socks with a fun fanrt for this chapter…

I lost it… due to being fucktarded and all… I’m sure she’ll take pity on me and resend it. She knows better than most of you the depths of my specialness. I’ll post it soon

K… few things…

Life & Death is on hold for now but will continue… Sorry for the wait. I haven’t forgotten the story. At the mo’ my muse is a moving target… and my aim is off.

Dead Tired Chapter 34: Alone Time is in the works. Keep your fingers crossed that Pam behaves… as long as she plays nice, her pov will get posted by the weekend.

Bored To Death Chapter 9: Public is available now….

I probably won’t post another notice, but i plan on posting chapter 10: Bigger Fish To Fry tomorrow afternoon… so check back….

Thanks so much for all the luv you leave… It means  more than you know.

You have no idea how happy I am that you like this story so much!

Luv ya,