Inspirational FYI

When I decided to write my first FanFic (Dead Sexy), I spent a ridiculous amount of time trying to come up with my plan. My outline wasn’t coming to me in an epiphany anymore than ASkars was.

So I had a bit of a ‘special moment’. I was sitting on my bed with a notebook, listening to my iPod. I decided to ‘Magic 8 Ball’ my plot. My fickle friend, better known as ‘Shuffle’ decided the story for me. Thank God. I’d practically burned through my backspace button.

I decided that Sookie and Eric would be my main characters. They needed a theme song first and then I decided that they would need separate conflicts, rather than a common foe to defeat. I wanted to stray slightly from the more common theme of ‘A BAD GUY’. This time. I can’t leave everything up to Shuffle. She’s not the boss of me.

My List?…

Sookie’s mindset.

Eric’s mindset.

Sookie’s conflict.

Eric’s conflict.

In that order. Yes, that simple. I figured if I had any problems after that, I could talk to Shuffle again, ya know?

She decided easily.

Take Control by Amerie

Ray of Light by Madonna vs. New Order (what can I say? I’m a sucker for a mash up. Sue me)

Seizure of Power by Marilyn Manson

The Good Stuff by Kenny Chesney

I said she decided easily. I didn’t say that I was happy with her. Basically Shuffle decided that role reversal would be the flavor of the day. Sookie was to be more assertive (I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t happy about that bit) and take control. Also, that Eric would spend some time focusing on something other than being an over-flirty hunk.

So that’s how it happened. Basically what happened was that they met in the middle. Huh. Go figure. I’m still not sending Shuffle a Christmas card, even if it only took me 2 days to completely fill a notebook with my outline and story ideas.


I was still in the middle of Dead Tired when the ‘Eric and His Great Pumpkin Contest’ was announced. I don’t know why. But that bitch Shuffle got me again. They were short stories. I was more confident, but I didn’t want to be cliché and it was hard enough to try to come up with costumes for my 5 kids (since the husband wouldn’t let me dress them up as Pimps n Hos). I decided to go with a ‘ladies first’ approach again.

Shuffle decided to get back at me for the cold shoulder I’d been giving her after the Dead Tired debacle.

Deep In The Heart of Texas by Gene Autry (I only downloaded it to make a ringtone for a friend. Don’t you dare judge me.)

Into the Great Wide Open by Tom Petty.

So there I was stuck trying to think of something Texas related for Sookie, hence the Cowboys Cheerleader costume. And try as I could, Tom Petty wasn’t any good for costume inspiration (unless you count that I’ve always pictured Niall as Tom Petty) anyway, the work around was that Johnny Depp was in the video for the song… Pirate.

The Sword euphemism was the whole story. It was the first thing I came up with. The middle. Don’t laugh.

I had a friend of mine  go over Engraved Invitation and she liked it. She liked it enough that I told her how I got my inspiration…

That bitch- no names- dug my iPod out of my purse and dared me to do it again.

I was feeling a little more sure about my old friend Shuffle, so gave her a nod. Ladies first again.

The Devil’s Song by Marcy Playground

The House of the Rising Sun by The Animals

That is how Sookie ended up dressed as the sexiest devil Eric had ever seen and how Eric ended up dressed as a New Orleans Saint.

The conflict and whatnot came later and of course, I consulted my friend Shuffle again. And again. And again.


So from now on, instead of wondering ‘what the fuck is she thinking’, you should probably ask ‘what the fuck is she listening to’.

*PS. This confessional is a stall tactic. My kids aren’t letting me write stories. That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.*

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One thought on “Inspirational FYI

  1. Hearing how music was your inspiration is insightful.

    If I listen to music with words, I can’t think. If I listen to music sin words, I don’t hear it because I’m reading or writing. Maybe that’s why it’s so hard for me to find plots…

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