9 thoughts on “Listen to Saints & Sinners

  1. I’m just rereading when I should be working, but I know one you can add to your list. You forgot “Hot for Teacher” by Van Halen 🙂

    Ya know? When Eric figures out she’s a teacher?

      • Tells you how many times I’m rereading it, Angela!! I cannot imagine living like that. I always get a catch in my chest when I think of what Ireland, Scotland, and Wales have lost over the centuries at the hands of countries stronger than them. Strong hearts don’t always win. Well, hell, even Britain at the hands of the Romans. I really need to have a past life regression done…

  2. Love the playlist!! I have SO much to download onto my iPod now. You are posting songs that I totally forgot I loved. Thanks for the story and all the great music!

    • Grrr…I have Zune. Got most of the playlist, but there are some that are unavailable. Guess I’ll just have to listen to the whole thing on the computer!

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