Đǽđ Ŧïяєđ / Đǽđ δєж¥ Update: 3 Chapters in 1 Day!

Sure, I’m lazy, but I’m loyal!

Just kidding. I’ve been working until my fingers are to the nubs. Still having scattered attacks of lameness inflicted by my Cable/Internet ‘pros’.

Why do I call them ‘pros’?

Because I pay them good money to screw me. 8P


Here ya go… 3 chapters in one sitting. Hope you enjoy.

Đǽđ Ŧïяєđ

Chapter 29: The Storm Before The Calm

(Sookie’s POV)

Chapter 30: The Storm Before The Calm

(Alcide’s POV)

Đǽđ δєж¥

Chapter 9: Dependent