New Meanwhile & Beta News

Thanks to the insane response to my ad for new betas, a few volunteers responses were redirected to my spam folder. Thank you, Yahoo. And now I’m hearing that my emails have been found in other folk’s spam folders as well. Extra-special thank you, Yahoo, you’re fucktardical.

Now when I say a few, I mean 31. That puts the number of known beta volunteers up to 137…

**the few of you that read the Infinite stories are probably raising a suspicious eyebrow


When I sent out the newest chapter of Meanwhile last night, the ladies who were down with betaing any/all of my stories were sent the chapter…

The Lovelies who all put a little piece of themselves into this chapter are…

  • MyUniverse
  • Tina
  • AlisonByNumbers
  • HW2K
  • CheshireAliCat
  • SLCurwin

And as always, OneSickMick has been the wall I bounce ideas/scenarios/scenes off of in the creative process, so he’s getting his due.

If you’re reading this and you just haven’t had the chance to send your notes to me yet, please, still send them. I understand ‘busy’. Hell, calm might put me into shock. One of my perks to having a Beta Staff is knowing that I’m covered from all angles.

I’ll be announcing my lineup within the next week. In the meantime, thank you all. You’ve been fabulous.


Without further ado…

Well, maybe a little ado…

Here ya go…


Chapter 23: Clusterfuck


I’m going to run and hide from the reviews O.O

Holy Shit!

Holy Shit!

Alright all…

I am overwhelmed!

When I posted that I was ‘hiring’ new betas, I received 106 emails from volunteers.


Of the 106 of the those who volunteered, only 21 were available to beta any/all of the stories I’m currently working on… Since I’m naturally *blonde (*prone to spontaneous idiocy) I used that to help trim down the selection.

When I sent out the latest chapter of Meanwhile to them all, 14 sets of Beta notes were returned…

My Beta thanks for this chapter go to (in no particular order)

  • Magic_101
  • Chiisai-kitty
  • Tina
  • Nichole
  • NewUserNameSVM1
  • MistressLaila
  • NorthWoman
  • GaijinVamp
  • Bev
  • BroughPS
  • MyUniverse
  • Mandy
  • AuroraMorningstar
  • MDQuilter

Like I said, I’m overwhelmed. I was actually worried that I’d have a hard time finding someone willing to work with me.

I’m in the process of whittling the abundant mass of helpfulness to a more manageable number, I’m thinking 3 since I’m pretty sure Rolling Stone doesn’t have 21 editors, but I have to thank everyone who volunteered.

Now, with all that being said and done, Meanwhile #22 should be surgically perfect, technically speaking.

Because I didn’t have a beta (or maybe just a brain) at the time, I forgot to post the picture of Sookie’s ring in Meanwhile. The picture was made way back when I ‘made’ Eric’s ring, so it really was just an oversight. For anyone interested, it’s been added in line with the chapter (#20).


So here it is, thanks to a metric ass ton of endlessly appreciated assistance…


Chapter 22: Freedom