If you didn’t already know…

Last week was almost a complete wash for me. I drove down to Virginia Beach and visited with my crazy-ass family for a few days, so I didn’t get as much writing done as usual. I managed to dig myself deeper though…

I wrote an outtake last week, a Verse I’ve been toying with, thinking it was an interesting/fun/different concept. The outtake was posted as a prize to a Multi-Verse scavenger hunt for the BratPack. Some of them loved it, some of them have planned my death. 😉

The chapter wasn’t meant to become an ongoing story, but demands were made. 🙂 So this new story will be getting a very short run. VERY short.

And in the meantime, I’ve also posted new chapters of Breathless since my last update…



Chapter 4: Restless

Chapter 5: Doubtless


And the new Verse (the REALLY short one)…

Bright Things

Chapter 1: This Is Different

Chapter 2: Obstinate




8 thoughts on “If you didn’t already know…

  1. I don’t whether to smile or cry!
    Smile that we get another amazing tale you created and hope that this whole Multi_verse world never ends.
    Or cry because there is another amazing tale you have created and fear the others like Europass, Alcide in Wonderland, and Life & Death will never be completed.
    Its bittersweet, like candy corn and salted peanuts!

    But I digress, I really hope you have an amazing Thanksgiving with your family!!

  2. Bright Things seems like it’s going to be a really fun verse. Is there any chance we can gently nudge you toward a “slowly added to” verse rather then a “very short one”? I don’t want to come across as to demanding but more is always good! Thankyou for all your hard work – I don’t say that as much as I should! Hope you had fun with your family!

  3. I’m loving the new verses, but I’m also dying for updates to Nuclear Winter and Rubbernecking. Any idea when you might get a couple chapters of those out? If you need a slave to make it easier for you to write, just let me know…

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