Y’all seemed to like the last taste…

How about more Rubbernecking?

*In case you haven’t already noticed, there is a theme (as there was with the AIW chapters). The chapters of Rubbernecking share their names with a song by… You guessed, Bubba! You can hear each song by clicking the button above the SceneArt.




Chapter 2: It’s A Long, Lonely Highway


I’m just going to just run along and pretty up the Alpha chapters you’ll be seeing this weekend…

And I’ll post a little note when I update the EIM To Go page because I’ve been sent a few more files.

Happy reading!


8 thoughts on “Y’all seemed to like the last taste…

  1. oh my god! I meant to tell you that I downloaded BTD, Meanwhile and CGA last night to my Kindle, and I was “listening” to BTD at work today with the text 2 speech function. This made me SO EFFIN’ HAPPY!!! Thank you thank you thank you for posting these!!!

  2. You said chapters for Alpha? You are amazing, But I don’t want to have to choose between it and Rubbernecking for my fave. I think I like them most though, because you’re only working with Harris’s premise which was good, but don’t have to deal with, what in my opinion, was ridiculous, totally implausible plot. You are a born storyteller though and have so many times in the multiverse shown the potential of these characters that their creator never once realized.

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