EricIzMine goes River City for a while…

What does that mean?

Typically, it means life shat in my lap…


This time, it means that I was a buzy little (ok, maybe not so ‘little’) bee…

I have several chapters for y’all… and the first one in my roll is from a new Verse.

This time around the keyboard, I put together a combination of What Ifs…

What if Eric retired like in Euro Pass, but he parted ways with Pam on good terms?

The other What If (and remaining vague to prevent spoilers)… What If Sookie’s family dynamic was completely different from any other Verse?

Here goes…



Chapter 1: My Way

Hope you enjoy it!


11 thoughts on “NEWNESS!!!!

  1. Loooooved it. Can’t wait for more. You are a F*ck-awesome Goddess!

    Chapter two soon maybe *hint hint* I know…I’m greedy….but all of us Ericizmine pathetic addicts are. LOL

  2. Can’t believe how excited I was to see you’d posted a new chapter, then to see its a new verse I almost wet myself. I’m going to save it for tonight when I get up to nurse my little one. Yes she’s nearly 9months and still getting up a few times in the night but I do look forward to the 30mins reading time I get uninterrupted. Love and hugs to you and keep em coming.

  3. Your Imagination is amazing and I love the new story. However, I’m also kinda sad because I’m waiting for the conclusion of so many other stories. Such a tease for an impatient person.

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