The chapter Alpha fans have been asking for…

It doesn’t happen often that I have A/N to go with a chapter, but since I’ve been asked so many times about the situation, I wanted to address it here because I know (and apologize for the fact that) I haven’t been able to reply to all of them.

I was asked,

“okay i can’t hold it in any longer, what is up with the farie thing!?!?!?! we know Gran slept with Fintan in the actual books but we knew that Gran knew about it, why has she not told anyone!?!?!?! sorry but i am seriously pulling out my hair in clumps i feel like im on the edge of a cliff trying to figure out when the big reveal is going to happen.”
Since this seems to be the general concensus when it comes to this, I offer a simple answer…
The way CH wrote the nature of Faeries, knowing that Fintan disguised himself as Mitchell, that Preston disguised himself as a Were, and Niall can disguise his essence…
Since I don’t subscribe to anything that happened in books 10 or 11, I’m simply contending that Adele wasn’t allowed to remember meeting Fintan and truly believes Mitchell is the father of her children.
Honestly, it makes more sense to me…

  • As morally upright as Adele Stackhouse was, I would think that she would have let guilt eat her alive.
  • I don’t think she would have let Sookie go on with an active ability without giving her an explanation. There are several years within the scope of the story when she could have confided in Sookie without risking the feelings of her children.
  • I don’t think if she knew about Faeries she would have been so keen to let Sookie be involved with Bill. If nothing else, I would think Adele would have mentioned she should stay away from Vampires when they came out of the coffin.
I hope this doesn’t leave anyone feeling disenchanted. I try to stick to the facts established by canon as often as possible, going as far as issuing retractions (like when I made the Arla Yvonne/Salome mistake), but not this time.
That being said… I hope you enjoy the chapter…


Chapter 9: Fucking Faerie






9 thoughts on “The chapter Alpha fans have been asking for…

  1. Awesome, as always! I kept trying to picture how the reveal would go. You completely suprised me. I can’t wait to see what happens next. Since they talked about Eric’s nutritional needs, I’m hoping that he will ask or Sookie will offer some blood soon. That should be interesting.
    I must say that I really love how things are developing more slowly since Sookie is less experienced. I get a lot of enjoyment out of the ‘build up’ in a story.
    Can’t wait more more. I will be stalking with your other Brats. 🙂

  2. I still would like there to be a reveal of some kind. Even though it makes complete sense that Gran doesn’t know I would love to see what happens when good ol’ Niall shows his face.



  3. I like your reasoning and it actually makes sense, much more than the drivel CH fed us in DR. Hell, I suspect she hasn’t even written the books 10 or 11 herself, I spy ghost writer! I LOVE that you ignore those 2 books, wish I had. But CH lost me for good this time with Book 11 the minute she had Sookie get naked and LAY ON TOP the SAME sleeping vamp who RAPED her last time he woke in that position! Ridiculous Seriously Done. And CH wonders why so many of us think ‘her’ Sookie is stupid.

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