16 thoughts on “Alpha’s been hogging my attention…

  1. mine too… I am embarrassingly excited about Alpha updates as there are so many open questions that I can’t wait to see unfold. Congrats Angela, you are on top form with this one 🙂

  2. For some reason there is a very big part of me that wants Sookie to slow down with Eric. By your timeline they have known each other just over a week and they have already been engaged in some very heavy petting/oral sex with a view toward much more intimate involvement in the very near future. Please understand, I am NOT a prude, but I just wonder at her willingness to go so far so fast. She cannot ‘hear’ him, so she really does not know his intentions, she only knows his actions so far. He has shown himself willing to ‘skirt’ her no-spoiling treaty by living up to only the letter of the ‘law’, but definitely not the ‘spirit of the law.

    Even at her young age I have no doubt that she has ‘heard’ enough to know that sometimes when the goal is met, the seeker loses interest. Gran might say, ‘why buy the cow, when you get the mild for free.” I am not suggesting that she tease him or ‘hold out,’ but I think it would definitely be an interesting conversation between the two of them before they have sex. Trying my best to put myself in her shoes and being cognizant of the differences in their ages and levels of experience, it would not be stupid to ask “are you still gonna be interested once we do the deed.” I think a little healthy skepticism on Sookie’s part is definitely in character and smart. I also think that conversation might force Eric to acknowledge some real realities of starting an involved relationship with a human when Vampires are still in the coffin.

    I am very aware that with few exceptions, your Sookie is a no-holds-barred, full-steam-ahead kind of girl very much in opposition to the canon version of our heroine. I think of your Sookie as being intentionally impulsive as opposed to situationally impulsive as I believe her to be in the canon. I have really enjoyed this iteration of the multi-verse, but the E/S downhill bobsled could, in my view be enhanced with the application of the brakes to slow it down just a bit and let the tension build a bit more.

    Thanks so much for listening (reading) my thoughts. Take care and thank you for the update.
    I will anxiously await the next update.

  3. I look forward to every post. It doesn’t matter to me if it is all the same story or all different ones. I eagerly await an update and as soon as it comes a can’t wait for the next. I love your stories and thank you for being such a prolific writer.

  4. I have no problem reading Alpha. I am looking forward to this story as I look forwart to all of your stories. I would of course love more Alpha and again my heart loves Euro Pass also. Lets not forget the infinity series too. Every time I think I can pick a favorite you have to go and start another thread of the multiverse and I fall in love all over again. Keep it coming…..I will be here to read it all.

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