7 thoughts on “As Promised…

  1. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU… We love your stories so much and I always get really happy when I see you’ve updated, the fact that you do almost every weekend is amazing to me thank you so much for sharing your stories with us

  2. okay angela where did you get the idea for the tattoo from. i love the idea of the clouds and the saying. did you see if somewhere or did you dream it up? let me know please Kristie

    • ‘Do Your Worst’, complete with clouds and lightning bolts is a tattoo I was planning to get…
      My brother does tattoos and I scrapped the idea when my other brother had a storm cloud tattooed under his bicep. Of course it was accidental, but it was all black with lightning… i didn’t want to look like a copycat 😛
      I AM still trying to rework the idea, but i’m so married to the original, that i might just get it and deal with the ribbing since it won’t last long… i hope. 😉

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