28 thoughts on “Y’all sick of me yet?

  1. Sick of you? I was just here trying to figure out the least pathetic way to beg for more!

    Looks like the some one up there took pity on me!


  2. Sick of you? I think I am willing to erect a shrine in your honor. I swear the other week I tell you I’m jonesing and this week you are feeding my addiction like a dealer pushing free samples on a playground.

  3. I will never ever tire of your updates, in fact you could update multiple times per day and not one protest would be uttered!! (hint, hint)

  4. Have you lost your mind?…..sick is for idiots like Bill….lmao….you are welcome, whenever and with whatever you chose to drop on us….Hey, we’re sick lil puppies all cracked out on ur shizz….and you know it 😉

  5. Sick of you? I suppose it could happen… Right around the time Hell freezes over! Loving the multiple posts!!! Keep them coming please!

  6. we can be sick of the Multiverse i look forward to it every time you post. that is why i am re-reading it once again,,,,,, my best KY

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