So… how ’bout some Euro Pass?

You’re probably about as surprised as I am.

More chapters…

I know some of y’all have boners for AIW & ICB… I’m trying, really, I am…

But this is what I have right now.


Warning: Amsterdam Eric isn’t ‘warm and fuzzy’  and the Sookie in Shreveport isn’t ‘happy go lucky’.

Euro Pass

Chapter 3: Seduced

Chapter 4: Struggling



7 thoughts on “So… how ’bout some Euro Pass?

  1. WOOT! Two chappies! You spoil us but I’m still beggin for more. Soon please. Can hardly wait to find out what happens and how this Eric helps Sookie. Thnx

  2. As much as I love AIW and ICB, I love everything you write, so I shan’t complain about anything you throw at me! I hope the storms haven’t been too bad there.

  3. OMG, you are a machine!! Every morning I open my mail, daring to hope but trying to be realistic that no one can crank out SO MANY chapters of such great quality, and yet you surprise me almost every time! 🙂 You’re a star!

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