The new outtake I promised…

For the record, I’d already posted the chapter when a thunderstorm knocked out my power. The only thing that I didn’t get to do was publish the post.


To set up the chapter…

So there we were, reading Definitely Dead and  along came the What The Fuck moment from hell.

Eric is irritated that, once again, Sookie is avoiding him any way she can… Instead of talking to him, she leaves to go on her ill-fated date with Quinn and leaves our favorite chiseled stack of fanged hotness standing in the cold.

Poor Eric.

I think Eric deserves a reason to turn his frown upside down.

This outtake is mostly just for fun, but if any of you are reading and re-reading the other outtakes, hunting for puzzle pieces… This chapter is going to be your Rosetta Stone.


Hope you Enjoy!





Tonight, we’ll be visiting with Sam’s Assholery with another chapter of In The Dark.


Don’t forget about the Broetry In Motion Contest!


3 thoughts on “The new outtake I promised…

  1. my oh my your on a role!!! Although I’m trying to figure out where this one slots in… I’ll comment again after reading it maybe it will become clear…

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