BTD Outtake… Did you miss it?

I have to bow to the greatness of my Beta Doctors and Translation Master, HexElf.

Without them, I’m a drooling buffoon.

😀 Much love, ladies and gent!



For those of you who miss Bored To Death…

I have a snack for you…

Meanwhile is coming to a close and I’m gearing up to start The Death Of Me…

I hope you enjoy it.


Death’s Door


7 thoughts on “BTD Outtake… Did you miss it?

  1. OMG…OMG…I can’t help but love BTD Sookie/Eric more then their alternates in Meanwhile so this little snippet of this awesome couple is the perfect way to end my work day…..thank you!!!! I have to say that I’ve fallen in love with the two in this AU….’missing’ Eric in a secret friendship with Adele, an innocent and sweet Sook who it seems doesn’t have the pig-headed-ness the ‘other’ her has in Meanwhile….Wait! I do love her but nowhere as much as my girl from BTD and now this one….oh the possibilities and now we’re getting our BTD sequel……’falls over clutching heart -> screaming like a crazed 12 year old BELIEBER’….. thank you sooooooooo much 🙂

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